We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


24. 24. "I love you"

Author's note

This is the last chapter before the epilogue - I really really really hope that you guys like it!!!

I can't believe the story about Harry and Tessa are almost over!

Chapter 24 - “I love you”

„What’s going on?” Alex asked as Tessa hung up the phone. Who had she just buzzed in? „Well emh… Harry… He asked me to be his girlfriend… And I said yes,” she explained trying to soften her rejection. „Oh, okay… I get it. But then who did you just buzz in?” He continued since he was pretty sure Tessa had been moping these last couple of days because Harry had been so busy with touring - even though they texted and talked on the phone all the time. It was actually quite annoying. Well it wouldn’t have been if it was him on the phone with Tessa. But Harry Styles? She could do so much better than that boyband member.

 „Well that’s what I thought as well but apparently…” Tessa was interrupted by the door to the stairwells opening and in one second Harry’s arms were around her and she was lifted from the ground. „Harry let me down,” she laughed as he attacked her faces with uncountable kisses. „I’ve just missed you so much babe,” he said in between him pecking her lips.  A cough interrupted their sweet reunion and filled Tessa with guilt. Alex was standing only a couple of feet away.

As Harry and Tessa pulled away from each other Harry’s arm automatically found its place around Tessa’s waist and hold her closely. „You’re Alex,” Harry stated after moments of awkward silence. „Well you’re a genius,” Alex replied sarcastically. „Alex,” Tessa didn’t even know what to say, she had never seen him this hostile. She felt Harry’s grip on her tighten. „Sorry, I’m just not having the best day so far, you’re Harry Styles,” Alex respond already regretting letting his feelings get the best of him to cover up some of the anger he held out his hand for Harry to shake. „Yeah, Tessa’s boyfriend,” Harry hesitated but then grabbed Alex’s hand. „So I’ve heard. But I should probably get going. Thank you for today Tessa, I’ll see you around. And nice to meet you Harry,” Alex said before quickly giving Tessa a peck on the cheek and nodding a farewell to Harry.

„What’s with him?” Harry asked confused as he watched Alex step into the elevator and the doors close between them. „Nothing serious I think, but let’s no focus on that. I mean you’re here! How is that even possible?” Tessa asked and pulled Harry inside her apartment. „Well we’re almost finished with the tour - we just have three shows left but they’re all in the O2 back in London, and then a bunch of interviews there as well and none of that is until next week - but that’s it. Then we’re going back to the recording studio and I just wanted to see you before going back home,” Harry shrugged with a playful smile on his lips implying that he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

„And?” Tessa asked. „And nothing,” Harry lied before kissing her lips and trying to distract her. „Yes I know something is up. And what?” Tessa continued before swatting his arm as he tried to kiss her once again. „I love you girlfriend,” he tried to talk around it. „And I love you boyfriend,” hearing and saying those words made both of their smiles even brighter. „But tell me what you don’t want me to know,” Tessa pleaded with puppy-eyes.

„And I was hoping to convince you to go back to London with me. For good”.

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