We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


21. 21. Move in with me?

Chapter 21 - Move in with me?

„What?” Tessa was speechless and she didn’t even react when Louis started to wolf whistle which caused the other guys to laugh. Only Perrie remained silent awaiting Tessa’s answer. „Tess?” Harry repeated when she still hadn’t answered. Just as she opened her mouth to respond Paul entered the room. „We’ve already booked your flights Tessa and Perrie so you should get packed right away, so you can say goodbye to the boys before their show starts,” he advised them before leaving again.  „Can we talk about this when I pack - I really want to say goodbye to everyone before leaving,” Tessa asked. Harry nodded but started to regret even asking her - not that he didn’t want her to move in with him, because he really did, he was just scared of her saying no.



„But Harry I can’t move in with you,” Tessa repeated once again. The discussing had been going on forever but Harry didn’t understand her reasoning. „Why? And don’t blame your job, I know it’s important to me but you have no idea how much I miss you, when you aren’t around. Can’t you write in London?” Harry pleaded. „It’s so soon though and we haven’t even made anything official yet. Sorry babe,” she avoided any eye contact with the man she loved, when she told him she couldn’t chase him around the world - not because she didn’t want to. But because she was scared. Scared that he would find someone better. Scared the she wouldn’t be enough for this amazing guy.

„Fine,” was all he replied before leaning in and pecking her cheek. When Paul came into her room to collect her things and to bring her to the car, where Perrie already was awaiting, Harry and Tessa shared a tender kiss goodbye. And just before she entered the elevator he emerged from their hotel room. „If we had been official would you then have at least considered it?” He asked with hopeful eyes. Harry just made out her nod as the elevator doors closed and separated him from the woman he loved.


„How did he take it?” Perrie asked as Perrie got in the car. „How did you know I declined his offer?” Tessa answered with another question. „Because I know you. And I know you’re scared of committing to someone after everything that happened. But you know you don’t need to be scared - not when it’s regarding Harry,” Perrie answered. „I know. Well in my head I know - but I’m my heart I’m still terrified of something happening”. „Don’t be. You love each other, and you’d have to be blind to not tell how much you would do to make each other happy - so for once just take this chance, just jump Tessa,” Perrie encouraged her best friend. „And besides I’m in London as well - and I would really love for you to come back home”.

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