We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


2. 2. On the tour bus

„Babe, how are you?” An enthusiastic voice screamed. „Fine, it’s soooo good to hear from you! I thought you might had forgotten all about me on tour,” Tessa answered already smiling. How was she going to handle being so far away from her friends that practically had become her family? „ Sounds good! But don’t worry I could never forget about you love. I was actually wondering what you were doing right now?” He asked curiously. „Well I’m just at dinner with Alex, why? You aren’t even in New York yet are you?” Tessa asked. „Dinner with Alex? Who’s Alex?” Zayn asked confused - Perrie hadn’t mentioned Tessa dating someone else. Tessa glanced at Alex while she explained. „You know Alex Pettyfer - the guy I met at that fashion show, who also happens to live in New York. I had to do a shoot with him and then he turned out to be quite a decent guy,” she said and teasingly sent Alex a wink, who faked a hurt expression. „Decent? Really? How about handsome and loving? And of course absolutely amazing a stripping?” He joked which caused Tessa to giggle.

The second Harry heard Zayn mention Alex’s name during his phone call he felt a pit in his stomach. She was at dinner with Alex? Seriously? He knew they weren’t together but still. It’s not like they agreed to take a break. He had figured he would let Zayn call her, so he could surprise her when he showed up with him and the rest of the group. But apparently she was busy. „So, is she meeting us now or just at the club later?” Liam asked oblivious to the conversation. „Well actually I didn’t ask her - she sounded busy,” Zayn explained and his eyes found Harry’s. He looked apologetic - but none of it was Zayn’s fault. It was his. Because he couldn’t handle the rejection he had let the best thing he had go. And now she had moved on. „What could she possibly be during that’s more important than meeting up with us guys?” Louis asked pouting. It was clear that all of them missed her. „Nothing,” Zayn stated way to quickly which made Harry respond. „You don’t have to lie to spare my feelings mate - it’s alright I heard”. Zayn gave him a short nod and explained that she was at dinner with Alex, a famous actor. „Well, why would she want an actor when she has Hazza over here?” Niall asked with a genuine smile and then silence filled the tour bus.

„Erm actually I’m not quite sure if we’re even together,” Harry responded and avoided any eye contact. „What?” Liam asked concerned. „Well I haven’t exactly talked that much to her since we left for tour,” Harry replied. „Haven’t she tried calling you?” Niall asked, while Louis just stayed quiet - of course Harry had already spoken to him about this. „Yeah she has, I just kinda doesn’t answer when she does,” Harry shrugged. „Harold Edward Styles, you promised me you wouldn’t hurt that girl!” Zayn sounded furious. „I didn’t,” he defended himself. „Bullshit - I know how she feels about you, and then you just pull away while fake dating Kendall Jenner. Of course she’s hurt you idiot,” Zayn yelled - and no one responded. „I’m not the one on a fucking real date right now, am I? You always fucking take her side - what about me? What about how she fucking broke my heart when she turned me down, as I asked her to be my girlfriend?” Harry yelled and the anger got the best of him as he ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Fuck her. Fuck Alex. Fuck everything. Fuck this bus. He needed to get out - have some privacy, but right now their bus was almost in New York and it wasn’t a possibility to stop before they reached their hotel room. He clenched his fist and before he could react his hand went through the mirror. Fuck.

„Harry is everything okay in there?” Niall’s voice sounded muffled through the door. Harry didn’t even bother answering he just opened the door and stepped outside, the blood dripping down on the carpet. „Harry what the hell?” Louis was already on his feet on his way towards Harry, who without talking sat down at the table with the others. Liam was quick to find the first aid box and the small pieces of glass were suddenly being removed from his hand. „We’re sorry lad. We didn’t know. You know you can talk to us right? And talk to her as well. I know she misses you - she asks about you every time she calls and I guess, since you doesn’t pick up the phone that makes more sense now,” Zayn explained and patted Harry on his shoulder.

Zayn had not thought Harry had already fallen this deep. But then why the hell weren’t they just together? Harry’s womanizer reputation was gone but he was still fake dating Kendall - what was the real reason? Harry had actually called Modest earlier that day to ask if he could get out of the deal - because then when they surprised Tessa tonight he could finally ask her to be his. They had agreed and he had never felt that relieved - but apparently it was too late. Now that wasn’t going to happen since Tessa hadn’t be able to wait for him. Even though she had promised.

After the boys finally were back to normal Paul joined them at the table. „Just wanted to let you guys know, that we’re only half an hour away from the hotel and then you can do whatever you want this fine evening. Just call if you need me to drive”.  The entire group looked at each other before erupting in big smiles. „Well let’s celebrate these next days of freedom from tour with…” Louis shouted while doing a drumroll with his fingers on the table. „Clubbing,” everybody chimed in. Even Harry. 

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