We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


16. 16. The morning after


Chapter 16 - The morning after

Tessa turned in her sleep. It was early in the morning and she didn’t understand why she was already half awake. Every time she almost fell asleep again something brought her back to semi-conscious. It wasn’t until she heard a deep chuckle she opened her eyes. „Are you trying to tickle me?” Tessa asked and a wide smile appeared on her face as Harry’s chuckle got louder. „Well I couldn’t sleep and I missed you,” he then pouted. „You missed me? We practically almost just fell asleep,” Tessa argued teasingly. „I know love, but still. Besides I enjoyed keeping you up - thank you very much,” he replied and sent her a wink before pulling her closer. „Haha, very funny. But I enjoyed it to,” Tessa said sincere and rested her hand on his bare chest and that statement caused Harry to blush a bit. 

They just laid there talking for what felt like hours. They both felt completely at ease lying in each other’s arms. Their peace and quiet was however soon interrupted by constant buzzing from Harry’s phone. „You should answer it, it could be important,” Tessa pointed out and sat up in bed. She quickly put her long blond hair in a messy bun and slipped Harry’s t-shirt over her head. „Party killer - I was enjoying you without any clothes on,” Harry pouted and ignored his phone. Tessa giggled but playfully swatted his arm. „Just answer the phone babe, I need to take a shower anyway,” she replied and pecked his lips before getting up. „But it’s my day off,” he argued but do to the strict look Tessa gave him he ended up answering.

„What do you want Lou-bear?” Harry answered annoyed. He wasn’t in the mood get up to day - he just wanted a day in bed watching crappy TV and eating room-service with Tess. „Have you checked Twitter lately?” Louis asked nervously. „No I didn’t, what happened!?” Harry asked now on his feet. Was it something with Tessa? Was it something that could break them apart again? He was already panicking. He hadn’t done anything wrong, he knew that - but the media could spin anything into a story. „A video has been leaked to the internet. You are going to be so mad, I’m so sorry.” Louis admitted. „Why are you sorry?” Harry felt confused. „Well, it’s bad, really bad. And it’s going to hurt the band,” Louis kept rambling. „What happened? Just explain it to me,” Harry demanded. „We’re all meeting in the hotels conference room - the band and the PR people, Simon has even flown in,” Louis explained. „I’ll be in your room in ten - then we’ll walk down there together,” Harry answered before hanging up. It had to be really serious if Simon had left his new-born home in London to fly out.

Just as he hung up Tessa exited the bathroom. She had once again put on his t-shirt and had her hair in a towel. She looked genuinely happy and she headed straight towards Harry to peck his lips, only for him to taste her fresh mint breath caused by the previously used toothpaste. „Tess,” Harry said but stopped himself. „What’s wrong?” Tessa asked with a concerned look on her face. „I’m not entirely sure - but I have to cancel our day together - Louis just called, it was something about a video on Twitter so we’re all meeting in the conference room,” Harry explained. „What? Are you guys going to be okay?” Tessa asked and immediately started to pick up Harry’s clothes from the floor. He was just standing motionless in the middle of the room - without knowing what to do. „I’m not really sure”. As Tessa had handed Harry a pair of black skinny jeans and a random band t-shirt she had picked out, she ruffled his hair. „Go, go, go,” she hurried and pushed him out of the door - and finally he reacted and hurried towards Louis’ room.


Author's note

I hope you enjoy the story - and it would mean so much for me if you commented or liked it!

Can you guys guess what video leaked???

Lots of love xoxo

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