We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


12. 12. Backstage

Chapter 12 - Backstage

As One Direction performed their last song for the night, Best Song Ever, Tessa and Perrie were following thei

r every move from backstage. „The rush out there - it’s simply amazing,” Perrie explained as the girls were talking about Little Mix’s upcoming tour. The concert had been amazing and Tessa could definitely understand why the guys compared being on stage to getting high. Just from the backstage area the rush was crazy. You could watch the boys preforming in a way only they did - and as Harry joked about being a professional artist the crowd laughed, but Tessa knew that this was indeed the truth. They worked like crazy and nothing had been handed to these boys. They had fought for every single decision and always brought their own ideas to the table. They had gained so much by doing this though.

Tessa was observing how the sea of people, mostly girls, was having a blast. These fans were hard-core no doubt, and they did not only sing along to EVERY song and know EVERY word - they even filmed and posted online and both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were blasting up with pictures and films if you searched for 1D New York. It was absolutely crazy but she could tell how every single one of the boys was enjoying being on that stage. Niall was running around eating some chips a random fan had provided for him, while Liam was showing of his dance skills. Louis and Zayn were in the background having a laugh together and Harry… Well Harry was just being Harry, there was no other way to describe what he was doing.

„Perhaps I can come and visit you guys on tour,” Tessa suggested. „Yes, that would be absolutely amazing. This year is just going to be incredible I mean with the wedding and then the tour and just everything,” Perrie gushed and played with her engagement ring. „Would you mind helping me picking out a dress?” She then asked. „Of course that would be lovely. When are you thinking? I’ll have to plan flying home to London for that - oh and I have to make sure I can come home to the wedding as well - why are everything so complicated when you live so far away?” Tessa said feeling sorry for herself. „You could just quit and move back - that way Harry and you wouldn’t need to do long distance either,” Perrie argued.

Tessa had thought about moving back to London several times. It was the only place in the world that felt like home to her - and she had made a lot of good friends here in New York but it just wasn’t the same. She didn’t focus on the thought of her family living in England - she hadn’t heard from them since she had gotten Harry to pick her up, but the boys, Perrie and Gemma felt like family and they were all living in London most of the time anyways. It was so hard to be this far away from them. „No I can’t, Vogue is amazing and besides Harry is traveling most of the time anyway - so I would just be unemployed and alone,” she stated.

„Did you enjoy the show babe?” Harry asked as he spun her around directly after walking of the stage. „You were incredible,” she replied and pecked his lips. „Was I incredible as well?” Niall asked hopeful. „Of course you were Niall,” Tessa smiled at his huge grin - but as he pursed his lips and waited to receive a kiss - just like Harry had gotten, Tessa shooed him away which made the whole room laugh. „So are we going out tonight or what?” Louis screamed hyper after the show. „Sorry but Perrie and I are going out to eat,” Zayn stated before pulling his fiancé closer. „I really don’t feel like it either,” Liam said. „Then would you like to go get some food at McDonalds?” Niall asked anticipating and a smile occurred on his face as Liam nodded.

„Well my friends, then it’s a party for three,” Louis put his arms around Tessa and Harry. „Actually I was hoping on taking Tessa out on a date tonight,” Harry said and blushed as the boys started to cheer him on. „I mean if she wants too - we can go out if you’d prefer that”. „A date sounds nice,” she sent him a genuine smile. „Well then lads - McDonalds it is then,” Louis shook his head in faked disappointment as he dragged Liam and Niall out of their dressing room headed towards the fast food chair. „Well have a lovely evening,” Zayn said and kissed Tessa on her cheek leaving with Perrie.

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