We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


11. 11. A day at the spa

Chapter 11 - A day at the spa

„Here’s you invitation babe,” Perrie handed Tessa a black envelope. They were sitting in Tessa’s apartment which Perrie had begged to see - since their last couple of days had been spent together at the boys’ hotel. Today the boys where rehearsing for their show tonight so Tessa had invited Perrie, who were visiting Zayn on tour, on a relaxing spa day before going to watch the show tonight. „Thanks honey, but you know I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I would come even if I wasn’t invited,” Tessa joked but opened the envelope and pulled out a simple ivory coloured invitation to the wedding of the year. „You’d better!” „Are you ready though? We have to leave soon our appointment is in an hour and New York traffic is horrible,” Tessa stated. „Yeah just let me grab my bag then I’m good to go”.

„To The SURREY Spa,” Tessa told the cab driver she had just hailed outside her apartment. „I’m so excited! This is just what I need,” Perrie squealed of enthusiasm. „So, now that we finally have a moment for us selves - how are you and Harry?” She then asked as the driver pulled out on the road. „Shh later, everything you say here in New York is valued in money - you really have to be careful,” Tessa whispered and motioned towards to man on the front seat. „Aren’t you being a little paranoid?” Perrie laughed. „No I swear! Once I was on the phone with Alex while riding a cab - and I told him he had to bring Nesquik ice cream if he wanted me to open the door for him, since he was coming over later for movie night - and the next day Perez Hilton had written something about me demanding Nesquik ice cream from all of my guest, if they didn’t bring any they weren’t welcome… I mean how fucking disturbed does that make me sound?” Tessa laughed.

As Tessa had predicted the traffic was horrible but luckily the girls reached the spa just in time for their massage. Afterwards they had tried the mud bath, which had been a first for Tessa, and then they had gotten facial treatments. Now both of the girls were placed in a comfortable armchair while they were getting mani-pedi done. „This has been the most relaxing day ever,” Perrie said enjoying the cosy environment. Tessa agreed and observed how the foreign nail technicians were completely focused on perfecting their work.

„So, you and Harry? Tell me everything,” Perrie demanded. „Well, I don’t really know what to say,” Tessa tried changing the subject but Perrie was persisting and soon Tessa found herself explaining how the boys apparently had been in New York without her knowing anything about it. „Zayn had actually called me that night - but I was out with Alex and meeting up with Justin and Selena,” Perrie quickly interrupted: „As in Bieber and Gomez? Oh my god I’m so jealous - you have to introduce me sometime!” „ I will, promise. But then all of the lads were suddenly just standing in the VIP area where we were sitting - without even telling me they were coming, so it was all a coincidence,” once again Perrie couldn’t keep her mouth shot: „Or fate!” „Hush love, anyway I was standing outside with Zayn as Louis and him came out - and the he told me all about the deal being done and we went back to his hotel room to talk,” Tessa continued as nail polish was being applied on her finger nails.

„Right, to talk!” Perrie wiggled her eyebrows teasingly at her oldest friend. „I swear it was just to talk - he even slept on the couch… I just kind of ended up there as well and I don’t know what happened, but we finally just talked things through. We agreed to give it on last tried and everything since then has just been perfect. I have practically spent all of my time, outside work of course, with him and the guys while they have enjoyed their days off before the show tonight. It’s so sad they’re leaving for a new country so soon,” Tessa said and felt anxiety fill her mind. She was scared about Harry once again cutting all contact as he left New York. She kept telling herself it wouldn’t happen though. He wouldn’t do that to her again - it was for real this time. „Well, I’m not complaining - I can’t wait to spend some time with Zayn in Paris,” Perrie said dreamingly. 

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