We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


10. 10. Dirty minds

Chapter 10 - Dirty minds

„What’s wrong Haz?” Tessa asked worried and slowly stepped towards him. „Erm, I thought… Nothing’s wrong at all,” Harry lied. „I can tell something is up, just tell me,” she continued and put her hand on his arm trying to calm him down. Harry didn’t answer but at least he stopped marching around the room and now he was just staring at Tessa. „He basically thought his ever-recurring nightmare had come true,” Louis explained since no one else was talking. „Louis,” Harry warned but it was too late - he had already talked and Tessa had understood what he meant. „You thought I had left you?” She asked sadden. „Fuck I didn’t think you told her what they were about,” Louis apologized.

Harry looked at her puzzled. „I didn’t. How do you know?” „You kind of talk in your sleep - asking me not to leave you,” she replied and looked away hoping he wouldn’t notice the blush appearing on her cheeks. Harry did however notice - and he went from being embarrassed by his nightly pleading to being smug about her reaction. „So,” he said dragging out the ‘o’. „You like the fact that I’m begging for you in my dreams. Trust me they are good dreams, really good dreams,” he continued with a playful smirk across his face and this caused all of the boys to laugh. Tessa’s face got even redder. „Shut up Harry - you were the one who thought I left you, just because I went in the shower - clingy much?”„Hey you went in the shower without me? You should have woken me up,” Harry’s grin widened. Luckily this made Zayn throw a pillow after him. „Shut up Harry,” Zayn said and just as Tessa had thanked him he found out his intentions weren’t that pure. „Then we wouldn’t have been able to sleep in here because of all the noise - and you know how much I like my sleep.” After this statement the boys passed out high-fives and cheered each other on.

„Are you finally finished? I’m starving,” Tessa said when she was done listening to their dirty minded jokes. Niall’s stomach rumbled as response. „Let’s order room service!” He happily suggested. „They’ll be up with waffles, pancakes, eggs and bacon in about fifteen minutes,” Liam announced as he hung up the phone. This talk about food made Louis move quicker than Tessa thought was possible, and soon they could all hear him throwing up in the toilet. Zayn had closed his eyes again after telling everyone to wake him when the food arrived and Niall was just waiting impatiently.

„You really thought that I had left? After everything we talked about last night?” Tessa asked Harry. „Well I didn’t know what to think. I kind of thought you had left because of everything we talked about,” he answered and grabbed her hand. „I would never just leave like that,” she whispered just for him to hear. „I know I was just scared. I didn’t really know what happened last night or what it meant to you,” his eyes shifted around the room and she could tell he was nervous. Tessa lifted their perfectly fitting hands and kissed each of his knuckles. „What happened was you told me you were willing to try, and if we’re taking it slow and building up our trust again - then I’m all in,” she said and sent him a genuine smile - which apparently was contagious because just as she finished her sentence the same kind of happiness was showed on his face.

„Do you want to borrow a pair of sweatpants?” Harry asked. It was just now he noticed that she still only was wearing his t-shirt, and even though he loved the looks on her - he didn’t enjoy the fact that the remaining of his bandmates also was able to see her almost entirely undressed. „Well all of you guys are just in your boxers - so I’m actually feeling quite comfy,” she teased. „I vote for you not to wear pants!” Niall then cheered but his smile soon fell as Harry shot him a furious look. „Tessa please,” he was already walking towards his stuff. „Just a pair of shorts then - it’s all about being casual and cosy today,” Tessa said and caught the Nike shorts Harry threw at her. 

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