We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


1. 1. A jump in time


Author's note

Thank you so much for choosing to read my sequal to 'By Chance' - I hoped you enjoyed the first part of the story and that you will enjoy this one just as much!! XX

Chapter 1 - A jump in time

The next many months went by quickly for both Tessa and Harry. Harry was enjoying life on tour with the guys, and he had completely forgotten how all-consuming it was. He was still ‘dating’ Kendall and the media had started to like them - all speculations about Harry’s heart-throb reputation had disappeared and Kendall was walking runways and shooting covers for all the biggest brands and magazines - this deal had definitely benefitted both of them, but Harry couldn’t help to think what if…What if he could just tell the public about his feelings for Tessa and what if they actually could be in a real relationship together without all the fuss. He knew it hadn’t been fair to her to ask her to be his girlfriends as long as he was ‘dating’ Kendall - but that hadn’t made it hurt any less when he read her response. Would she even still want him after all this tie? Or had she already moved on? He knew he had pulled away from her - but he had to do so to protect himself. Gemma had fortunately been visiting often and she clearly loved watching the boys perform - so she could distract her little brother from all of his thoughts about the girl who rejected him. Barbara and the band’s girlfriends had been coming along when they had time as well. Except for Tessa. She hadn’t bothered. And with Perrie around it was almost impossible to think about anything else than the beautiful girl now living in New York. What was even worse were the nightmares. They kept on coming, and even more frequently than before. But there was nothing he could do about it, not without his Tess.

Tessa had spent the last couple of months getting settled in New York and she already liked the place. It wasn’t London, and she missed her friends and Harry that was for sure - but still New York was nice and refreshing. She was trying to forget the hole in her heart that was caused by Harry’s texts, or lack of texts. She had tried and tried to keep to keep in touch, and without even commenting on her answer she could clearly tell the note was bothering him. In the end his answers had become less frequently and Tessa was starting to give up hope. Was he getting bored of her already? She always noticed Kendall and him on the front pages of the gossip magazines, and she was starting to wonder if he was pulling away because of Kendall. Was he starting to develop real feelings for the oldest Jenner sister? Or was he just tried of same old Tess? Or was this all Tessa’s fault because she didn’t feel ready to commit to Harry, as long as he was in a fake relationship?

„Knock knock,” a sweet voice said and immediately a genuine smile appeared on Tessa’s face. „Hi Hailey come on in,” Tessa answered. Hailey was one of the girls from the Vogue office, who Tessa really got along with. She was so funny and caring - and with her pale pink hair she reminded Tessa of a cotton candy. „What’s up Hailey?” She asked. „Well, there’s an extremely hot guy in the reception waiting for you, apparently he’s here to take you out to dinner. Again. That’s twice this week, and it’s so not fair! Doesn’t he have some hot famous friends I could meet,” Hailey suggested laughing. „Oh god, is it six already?” Tessa said panicking when Hailey nodded. Tessa quickly closed her computer and reapplied her red lipstick. „Well, I better get going then, see you tomorrow babe,” Tessa said and before blowing her friend a kiss.

„I thought you had forgotten about me,” Alex said when Tessa exited the elevator and was greeted with kisses on both cheeks. „I actually almost did, sorry I was just so caught up in next week’s column that I’m writing,” she explained as they caught a cab together. „So my fine Sir, what are we up to tonight?” Tessa asked faking a very posh accent. „Well my dear Lady, after I have accompanied you to dinner - and then both Justin and Selena will join us for downtown,” Alex explained mocking her accent. „Going out on a Thursday, what a rebel,” she winked at him which made him swat her arm. „Well you owe me, since you practically forced me to watch Stuck in Love the other day,” Alex shook his head at her while laughing. „Well I promised Lily I would watch it - and you have to admit that she was brilliant in it,” Tessa was quickly interrupted. „Yeah, but not twice in one night,” Alex smirked before getting out of the cab and opening the door for Tessa.

„Thank you so much for dinner - but it’s really not necessary that you pay,” Tessa stated before taking a sip of her red wine. „I know, but I want to pay,” Alex said and sat down once again. „But still, it’s not a date - and you don’t own me anything,” she explained. „I know, I know - we’re just friends, you’re heart belongs to Harry Styles, blah blah. It’s getting kind of old though, but I’ll be right here till he screws up - besides I know it’s been a while since the two of you have spoken,” Alex laid his hand on top of hers on the table. „You know I can’t. Just because I’m not with him right now, doesn’t mean I don’t still love him,” she said while looking around the room - trying to avoid eye contact. „Why exactly aren’t you guys together then?” Alex asked the curiosity obvious in his eyes. „I just never really knew with Harry - when I knew how he felt, but then there was Kendall, Taylor and every other girl on the planet how kept fighting for his attention - and it was just exhausting”.

Alex gently grabbed her chin and made her look directly into his eyes. „No guy should ever make you feel that way Tessa, and if he made you feel like you weren’t good enough then he doesn’t deserve you”. Tessa really listen to Alex, he was one of her closest friend her in New York - and she had needed someone to know the truth - so she had told him about Kendall and Harry’s fake relationship. She knew it probably weren’t the best idea, but she had to vent to someone - and she tried not to talk too much about Harry when she was on the phone with the guys and girls. „But with that said - it seems like you really love him and I know you worry about Kendall but as you said it’s a fake relationship and they’re friends. Besides Taylor is his ex, so of course they might have something to work out - but there’s a reason they’re not together anymore. If it’s you then it’s all you Tessa - and even though I might not like it - perhaps you’re just meant to be together,” Alex said and sent her a small smile. „The thing is Alex, I don’t believe in such a thing anymore,” she cynically stated just her phone rang. 

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