LoveStruck [T.E.]

It's been almost two years since she saw her brother and his band mates off. Now with the holidays around the corner the family head to Hawaii, and she soon finds out that her brother is also coming to the family get together, with his band mates. At first she is uneasy with the thought of three other boys around the family home, but soon she starts to fall for one of the boys. When her brother picks up on the love waves splashing around he isn't exactly thrilled about it. But who is he really trying to protect?


1. Family.

Nicole’s POV:


I stared at my phone while my mother rushed around the house cleaning up. We were getting ready for my two Aunts and their families to arrive. I didn't like the idea of being in a house filled with adults, neither of my Aunts have kids. My mother was the only one to have any, my brother Bradley and I. Brad is on tour or something with his band so it’s only me left. I mean I guess some of it isn’t that bad because I get a lot more things I want now. The ring of the doorbell broke my thoughts as I looked up from my phone.


“Can you get that Nicole?” My mother asked. I pushed myself out of my seat and went to the front door. I wasn’t going to waste my time opening it up if it was some strange old man, so I peeked through the peep hole. It was my Aunt Elizabeth and her husband Mark. I opened the door with a slight smile on my lips.


“Wow Nicole you are growing into a fine young lady.” Mark smiled at me.


“He’s right.” Aunt Elizabeth hugged me. After she let me go I took their bags to their room while they went into the living room and started talking with my mom. After I had set their things in their room I walked back slowly. I looked at all the pictures of us when we were younger and a sad feeling started eating me up. I shoved it off when I heard someone knocking at the door again. I walked into the front room to see that my father had already beaten me to the door. It was my Aunt Terri and her husband Jack. I helped my father take their bags to their room without saying a word.


“What’s bothering you pumpkin?” He asked stopping me from going back out to the others.


“I just miss him is all.” I smiled softly before heading back out to the living room. I took a seat on the floor by the patio door and opened up my book while putting my headphones in. I peered out of the glass door to see the rain splashing against the glass. I was reading a love story between this poor girl and this rich jerk. He loved that she was the only one to stand up to him, she wasn’t afraid of him. She wasn’t sure about his love, she was very hesitate. I was so into my book that I didn’t even realize that my mother was calling my name. I pulled my headphones out of my ears and looked up to see her annoyed face staring at me.


“Sorry mom…” I muttered.


“There’s someone outside for you.” She sighed and softly smiled. I stumbled to my feet and headed towards the front door. I turned my head to see the adults all staring at me smiling. I suddenly got very worried about who was on the other side of the door. I hope my best friend Alice didn’t tell my crush Mason that I was here, because he was also vacationing in Hawaii with his family. My mother would never let me live it down, neither would my Aunts. They are like clones of my mother. I shook the thoughts out of my mind and opened the door. No one was there. I looked back at my mother who was motioning for me to go outside. I groaned and stepped out of the house shutting the door behind me. As I turned around I was embraced in a strong hug. I gasped as I pulled away and realized who it was.


“Bradley!” I yelled happily before pulling him back into a hug.


“You’re not happy are you sis?” He teased pulling away.


“Oh shut up.” I smiled. That’s when I noticed that his band mates were with him also.


“You remember Tristan, Connor, and James, right?”


“Yeah of course.” I smiled at his friends, who I kinda didn’t really remember.


“Great because they are staying with us for the holidays also.” My father said behind us causing me to jump out of my skin startled. The boys laughed at my reaction to my father scaring me. I glared at them and then playfully hit my father’s arm, causing him to laugh. “Your mother wants you to help make supper.” He started and I nodded before heading inside the house. My mother was in the kitchen starting dinner with my Aunt Elizabeth.


“Can you go into town and pick up these.” My mother asked handing me a list of items she needed for supper.


“Sure mom…” I muttered uneasy about going into town by myself. I grabbed the keys and headed back outside to see the boys tossing a football back and forth. I guess they were curious on what I was doing because James had thrown the ball back to Tristan and it had hit him in the face because he was looking at me. I gasped and hurried to his side as well as the other boys.


“Tristan are you alright bro?” Bradley asked him.


“Oh gosh you’re bleeding!” I gasped seeing the blood slip through his fingers.


“Damn James…” Tristan groaned.


“Sorry bro.” James started laughing.


“I’ll go get you a cloth.” I said jumping up and running inside.


“Something wrong?” My Aunt Terri asked.


“Just boys being boys.” I said getting the cloth a little bit wet. I walked back outside to see the boys messing with Tristan and laughing. I rolled my eyes slightly annoyed that boys think it’s funny when others get hurt. I bent back down to his side and pressed the cloth against his cheek. The boys went silent and that’s when I started thinking that something was off.


“Where were you going?” Brad asked me.


“Mom wants me to go get some things for dinner.” I said staring at Tristan.


“I’ll go get them.” He grabbed the keys out of my hand before I could resist. James and Connor laughed and hurried into the car with him. My mouth dropped open as I watched them drive away. I sighed and rolled eyes as Tristan rested his hand on my hand that was pressing the cloth against his cheek.


“You and Bradley don’t look that much a like..” He mumbled.


“I know, I got the good looks.” I teased.

“You did.” He chuckled causing me to blush.

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