LoveStruck [T.E.]

It's been almost two years since she saw her brother and his band mates off. Now with the holidays around the corner the family head to Hawaii, and she soon finds out that her brother is also coming to the family get together, with his band mates. At first she is uneasy with the thought of three other boys around the family home, but soon she starts to fall for one of the boys. When her brother picks up on the love waves splashing around he isn't exactly thrilled about it. But who is he really trying to protect?


3. Boys.

Nicole’s POV:


The cool night air was beginning to pick up. All of the lights were out in the house meaning the adults all went to bed, either to sleep or something. Somehow we managed to sneak out of the bedroom window without making a single sound. We hurried towards the water, well the boys did I walked behind them. The cool air was brushing up against me causing me to shiver. When I finally caught up with the boys in the sand I had gotten smacked in the face with a hoodie. I pulled it away from my face to see Tristan smirking at me as he starts to strip his shirt along with James. I pulled the hoodie over my head taking in the sweet smell of his cologne that lingered on the hoodie. Luckily by the time I popped my head out James and Tristan were already in the water. I sat down in the sand watching the boys mess around with each other.


“You seem like a pretty cool chick.” I turned my head to see Connor videotaping what they were doing in the water.


“Is that some sort of compliment?” I teased.


“Kinda.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back towards the boys walking out of the water. Just as they were about to come to shore my big butted brother sat on me covering my face. I pushed him off causing everyone to laugh.


“What was that for?” He pouted.


“You have a very huge rear.” I teased causing the others to burst into more laughter. He muttered something under his breath before standing up and whipping the sand off his shorts. Tristan and James were finally fully clothed now so we headed back up to the house. Connor and my brother headed in the window before us, which was a little rude considering I was the only female. Then again that’s how my brother has always been really, so I shoved it off waiting for Tristan or James to push me to the side also to get in.


“Ladies first.” James smiled at me politely.


“This isn’t some kind of plot to look at my ass is it?” I asked.


“James isn’t the kind of guy to do that to a lady, specially a girl like you.” Tristan remarked.


“Alright...can you give me a lift?” I asked and they nodded helping me up into the window. Once we were all back into the room Connor showed the guys the video that he took. Even though it was pretty dark out there the video came out real well. I decided to leave the guys alone to do what guys do and head to my bedroom. When I got to my bedroom and plopped down on my bed a sweet smell filled my nose and I realized that I still had Tristan’s hoodie on. I sat up and stared down at the sleeve debating if I really wanted to give it back or not. Then my attention turned to a knock at the door. I pushed myself off the bed and walked over towards the door. Part of me was expecting it to be my father again making sure I was sleeping in my own room and not with all those boys. To my surprise though, when I opened the door it was James.


“Something wrong?” I asked stepping aside letting him in.


“No just wondered why you left out of nowhere..” He muttered looking around the room.


“I thought I would let you guys have some guy time..” I mumbled.


“We’ve had a lot of guy time already.” He chuckled.


“I think James just likes you around.” I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to see Tristan smirking.


“Yeah like you’re one to talk.” James stuck his tongue out at Tristan. Then Tristan tackled James to the floor and they started wrestling. Tonight has showed me a lot of these boys, Conner and Bradley stick together just like James and Tristan. I jumped on my bed and stretched out as I watched them goof around.


“You have very beautiful eyes.” Tristan said as he sat down on the floor in front of my face. I felt my face start to warm up a bit but I tried not to let it be seen.


“Aww she’s blushing!” James teased causing me to hide my face in the sleeve of Tristan’s hoodie. “Is that your hoodie mate?”


“Yeah it is.” Tristan smiled.


“When did….”

“At the beach she looked cold.” Tristan laughed. I peeked through my hand to see a smirk lingering on James’ face. He was thinking something but I wasn’t sure what it was. Boys are so hard to read no wonder girls have to go through so much to figure them out.

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