Niall and Scarlett had been together 2 years. Niall was still touring as part of one direction. Niall is now 22 and Kendall is 21. They always talk about the future and starting a family but what happens when a controlling, mental, obsessed fan splits them up? And what happens when Kendall becomes pregnant and wants nothing to do with Niall anymore...


3. Tour (short)

Kendal's pov

Once we got back we all chilled and ate pizza. Suddenly my phone started blaring out music. I grabbed it and hit the awnser button.

"Hello?" I asked warily, exiting the room.

"Hey ken!" A male voice chirped.

"OMG, Matt!" I squealed, Matt and me we best friends in collage.

"How ya been" he chuckled.

"I'm great, how's life?" I laughed back.

"Great thanks but I miss you" he said quietly.

"I miss you to bro, where you living?" I replied.

"California at the moment" he said.

"I'm in California now with Niall." I smiled.

"Oh that stupid boy band lad" he almost spat.

"Come on be nice" I scolded gently.

"Okay, would you like to meet tomorrow for coffee?" He asked.

"Sure I can meet you at 2:30pm because Niall has a performance" I shrugged.

"Cool see you then babe bye!" He cheered.

"By bro" I laughed, ending the call.

I walked back into the room and sat down next to Niall. His arm immediately went around my waist and he kissed my cheek lovingly.

"Who was that on the phone princess?" Niall asked.

"My old collage friend Matt, we used to be so close" I sighed.

"That's nice, maybe you can meet him soon?" Niall questioned.

"He wanted to meet me tomorrow if that's okay?" I smiled. I knew Niall trusted me.

"Sure, take your phone just in case though yeah" he persisted.

"I will baby, I love you" I laughed, pecking his lips. I would never cheat and Niall knew that.

"I love you more princess, I've got to go now" he pouted slightly

"I'm babysitting lux yay!" I cheered.

"I can't wait to have children with you" he mumbled.

"You want children with me?" I asked bewildered.

"Of course I want to spend the rest of my life with you" he smiled.

"You are my life" I whispered hugging him.

"Come on guys break it up we've got a performance to get to" Louis sassed.

"Leggo!" I cheered making the lads chuckle.

Me and the girls sat in the back of the van whilst Liam drove and Louis called shotgun. Most of the journey was spent arguing over who got to play the music. Me and the girls sat back and talked about the latest fashion and a little about my dancing career. We finally pulled up at the venues and the the boys left to get ready whilst we went to the lounge room. Perri was currently on the phone to her manager talking about little mix's next tour when my phone suddenly buzzed, it was my best friend teddy.

- from teddy

Hey babe how's it going with the lads, I have epic news! Xx

- to teddy

It's all good we are currently in holland, care to share this good news? :) xx

- from teddy

Me you and milo have been asked to dance for ariana grande on the vma's :0 xx

-to teddy

No frigging way! What song? Xx

- from teddy

Problem :) we start working on it in 3 weeks so you need to be back to the studio by then xx

- to teddy

Sure! I'm So excited, talk later I'm babysitting lux xx

- from teddy

Kk babe have fun! But not to much ;) xx

I squealed out loud, I was dancing for the vma's what els could be better!

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