Niall and Scarlett had been together 2 years. Niall was still touring as part of one direction. Niall is now 22 and Kendall is 21. They always talk about the future and starting a family but what happens when a controlling, mental, obsessed fan splits them up? And what happens when Kendall becomes pregnant and wants nothing to do with Niall anymore...


2. Morning Shopping

Niall's pov

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring in my ear. I slapped it and snuggled further into the blanket only to feel a cold patch next to me. Scarlett must be awake. We were currently on tour in holland and I'd brought a plane ticket to fly Scarlett out to our hotel. She had arrived 2 days ago and was going home tomorrow to finish her uni course of dance. That's what I loved about her, the fact she still wanted to finish her schoolwork whilst coming out to see me. I yawned and got out of bed only in my Calvin Klein boxers but I didn't mind and neither did Scarlett we had see each other naked and had sex before so we didn't care.

I walked into the kitchen as the smell of waffles invaded my nose. I stopped dead as I saw Scarlett In her underwear, wearing one of my t-shirts that was rather baggy on her. She lightly swayed her hips to the music of the radio. That was a massive turn on for me. I gently walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind causing her to jump a little. I turned her around and pecked her on the lips.

"Morning princess" I murmured, our foreheads touching.

"Hello handsome" she whispered back, pecking my lips.

"I woke up alone" i fake pouted.

"sorry babe, can I make it up to you with breakfast?" she pouted back.

"Deal!" I laughed, picking her up and spinning her around.

She squealed and laughed as I set her down gently. She plated up breakfast and set It on the table.

"So what's you plans for today" she asked, nibbling at her toast.

"we've got a concert tonight at 8:30, but nothing els" I replied, my mouth full of waffles.

"Is Perri and dani over today?" She smiled.

"Yeah they arrived yesterday with El" I spoke.

"Whilst your performing I might go out with the girls" she mumbled.

"Unless you want to look after lux?" I suggested.

"OMG yes yes!" She squealed.

"I'll text Lou, now come on let's get ready" I smirked grabbing her hand.

"I call shower first!" She screamed running off.

I laughed to myself and went to chose my outfit for the day.

I decided to go with some black skinny jeans and a Chicago vest top that showed my nipples a little. I then topped it with some white superas and a white SnapBack with my messy hair. I couldn't be fixed to style it for the day. Scarlett walked out on the bathroom in a towel causing me to stare. She winked as she walked past so I slapped her bum causing her to squeal. I went to the bathroom to clean my teeth and shave my pathetic excuse for a stubble.

As I walked out Scarlett was applying some light make up. That's another thing I loved about her, the fact she Barley wore make up. The only thing she wore was mascara and some lipgloss. Her long waist length wavy hair curled at the ends as it fell by her cheeks. She was stunning and all mine.

Scarlett's pov.

I could feel him staring at me. I turned around to meet his sparkling blue eyes with my light green ones. Niall was starting to get a tan now and god did he look hot. My skin was already tan so I was fine. Once I looked at him I immediately blushed. I got my bag from the bed and stood up, taking his large hand in my tiny one. I loved him beyond compare and the past 2 years had been the best in the world.

We walked down to the lift and pressed the button. Everyone was meeting at the lobby at 12 and it was currently 12:05 ops! Once we were in the elevator Niall turned to me and put his hand on my waist and pressed his lips to mine. It started slow, his you get ran across my lip asking for entrance as I let him in. We pulled back when the lift stopped. Walking out hand in hand. We were so random sometimes. We walked to the lobby and were meet with 7 cheerful faces.

"Morning guys" Liam smiled.

"Hey Li" I spoke.

"Sleep well?" He asked.

"Of course she did, she had the Horan love bug" Louis smirked. I blushed.

"Oi back off my girl Lou" Niall snapped playfully.

"So what's the plans for today?" Zayn mumbled, still half asleep.

"Shopping?" Harry piped up questioningly.

They was a chorus of yeahs and okays all around so we set off. The boys set up some security around just in case and had Paul on speed dial just in case.

It took us all 10 minuets to finally get into town. Me and Perri stood at the back talking whilst Zayn and Niall spoke, and In front of them dani and el spoke whilst Liam, Haz and Lou talked football. No fans had spotted us yet, so far so good. I was wearing a light floral dress with brown sandals and a denim jacket over the top. My hair hung loosely in waves by my wast. I pushed my sunglasses up my nose a little more as we walked.

We all decided to split when we got there, the girls all went to forever 21 and Hollister whilst the boys went to super-dry and top-man. We agreed to meet at the food court when we were finished. I managed to buy some Hollister sweatpants and a Hollister hoodie with my spare money in my purse. Finally we got back to the food court where the boys were waiting. Suddenly a high pitched scream erupted.


"Shit..." Louis mumbled.

Suddenly a sea of girls ran towards us but security reached us in time blocking their hands and screams. I guess we are gonna have dinner back at the hotel then...

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