Stormy Seas

Ben and Katie.
Katie and Ben.
But then there was Alex.

Katie lives her life in mental turmoil after her best friend moves to the other side of the world. After living with an alternative, she suddenly realises that she can't continue lying to herself. But just on the very day she finishes with Alex, Ben turns up. And it's all down hill from there, but is love enough to conquer all?


8. The Mini Fest.

Summer 2005

"Come on mum please! Alex and Ben are both allowed and it's not like I'm a kid is it? I'm fourteeeen!" I protest, one foot stomp away from imitating a toddler.

"It's a long way to go and I just don't think it's a good idea! Not with everything we have going on at the minute!"

I knew she'd do that.

I knew she'd bring dad into this somehow.

There's a sudden silence in the room after she mentions it. I look down at my feet and shrug my shoulders at a loss for words.

Mum sighs too, and puts her hand to my face.

"Sweetie I know everyone wants to go out to this mini festival thing-"

"It's the festival of the year mum! everyone from school's gonna be there." I chip in. I stick my bottom lip out but I'm still not stamping my foot at least.

"Okay," she says in a way that suggests she's asking a question, I can tell she just doesn't understand. "But I want you to stay here, at home. Please understand."

It's almost like she's not telling me something. The last I heard, Dad was doing okay. He was sat up in bed smiling and even made a joke about the hospital food being better than Aunty Lynn's cooking, much to her offence. Although she did try to laugh it off, I could see she was a little hurt by the comment. She always tries so hard to do things right that I found it funny because she just never did manage it. But that's Aunty Lynn for you. And my dad. He's always making jokes, even when he's been told he has cancer. Riddled with it. But he's a fighter through and through.

"Maybe I need to go." I try in a small voice.

I glance up at mum and watch as her face turns from her sympathetic mumsy expression to the raging psychopathic angry mother-who-knows-best one.

"You don't need to go Katie, this isn't some life or death situation. What you need is to be here and support your family! And maybe I need you here, okay?!"

"No! It's not okay! It's not fair!" I shout, and here it comes.

I stomp my foot and run out of the house like a fourteen year old infant.


"I can't believe your mum agreed to this Kate!" Ben nudges me excitedly.

I shrug, looking down at my hands as I play with them in my lap. Liar liar pants on fire.

"Well my brother's going to drop us off, just make sure you've got everything you need cos we can't turn back once we're on the road." Alex is stood in front of us talking as if he's giving a presentation. Hands and all.

"So what do we need?" Ben asks, sitting so far forward on Alex's mum's sofa that he's probably a centimetre away from falling arse first on the floor. Noticing he's got this excited aura about him, makes Ben suddenly become quite endearing to me. I thought this was just a little 'mini' festival as my mum called it, not something to be losing control over.

"What's with your face?" Alex ignores Ben's excitement and focuses on me.

"Oh, err nothing. I'm looking forward to it." I force a smile and try to shrug excitedly - although that doesn't really work and I can tell they don't buy it.

"Okay," Alex narrows his eyes at me but I look down at my hands to avoid his glare.

Ben claps his hands together as he starts, "I've borrowed the tent my dad uses when we go fishing, a flask, cheap toothbrushes - I bought one for each of us, no need to thank me," he flashes a grin at us both in turn and I let out a laugh, "and I got some snacks." 

"Okay, Katie?" Alex looks at me suggestively and I panic a little inside.

"Um, I don't have anything." I don't meet either boys eye but can feel them both looking at me in confusion.

"Well, you can share my stuff, I don't mind." Ben suggests and I smile thankfully. Glancing up at Alex, I notice he's staring with a pissed off expression written on his face. Is that, jealousy?

"Whatever. I'll tell my brother we're ready then, yeah?" and with that, Alex leaves the room.

"Your mum didn't agree to this did she?" Ben whispers as he places his arm around me and pulls me into his chest. "Chin up, Kate. She'll never know."

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