Stormy Seas

Ben and Katie.
Katie and Ben.
But then there was Alex.

Katie lives her life in mental turmoil after her best friend moves to the other side of the world. After living with an alternative, she suddenly realises that she can't continue lying to herself. But just on the very day she finishes with Alex, Ben turns up. And it's all down hill from there, but is love enough to conquer all?


10. The Mini Fest - Part 2

Summer 2005


"I didn't even think you liked Oasis!" Ben laughs as I spin my arms around and sway to the tribute band playing Champagne Supernova. 

"Wake up the dawn and ask her whhyy-" I sing in his face whilst still swaying, " a dreamer dreeams she never diess-"

He grabs my wrists and sways with me, singing in time with the music too. I've almost forgotten we came with three other people. As I remember, I lean towards Ben's ear and raise my voice above the music, "where's Alex?"

"His brother and his mate took him to the hot dog stand, Alex said something about needing a drink so I'm guessing they could've gone to the drinks stand too?" He shrugs and carries on dancing.

"Slowly walking down the haallll, faster than a cannonballll-" Ben's doing what I was just a few seconds ago and I let out a laugh as he imitates me. I jab him in the ribs as he's holding his hands in the air. As the drum beat kicks in, Ben brings his arm down around my shoulder and we both stand swaying and listening. We're not shout-singing anymore.

"Your dad will be okay you know." He says into my hair as if reading my mind. This whole thing has been a get-away from the misery I'm dealing with at home. Mum faffing about in a panic half the time, Dad pretending everything's okay, Aunty Lynn trying to help but not really making a difference. But I didn't think Ben could read me that well. "And touch wood,  if anything does happen-" I jab my elbow into his rib again for even saying that. "Ouch, okay-" he laughs to disguise the pain, "I didn't mean that. I just mean that I'll be here for you, no matter what."

We stand in silence, listening to the rest of the song. I hope my dad doesn't die but I know he will. And that's all it comes down to really.

"Thanks, Ben." I wipe the tear away before it has chance to fall down my face and rest my head on his shoulder. 


"Oh my God, you guys!" Alex is bouncing around the passenger seat uncontrollably whilst imitating the drummer of the tribute band whilst the CD plays from his brother's car speakers as we drive down the M6.

"Did you see the guy at the front who got completely wasted the security guard just lifted the fucker over his shoulder and then grabbed each of his mates by the scruff of the neck and basically dragged them the fuck out of that place!" 

Ben laughs and agrees that it was 'pretty mental' but I didn't witness it and to be honest it doesn't even sound 'that mental'.

As if he notices, Ben sits back against the seat and places his hand on my arm as I stare out of the car window. He doesn't say anything and I don't move. I just keep staring.

Please let mum forgive me.

Please let my dad be okay.

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