Pokémon: Kalos

My Mum and Dad wouldn't let me leave the house to become a Trainer at 10 which is unusual. But now that I'm 16, I'm leaving! Time to become a Pokémon champion!


1. Starting off my Adventure

My eyes threw open, excitement almost radiating from me; I swear I was warmer than usual. I jumped out of bed and pulled on my pre-prepared outfit; black vest, purple jeans and the usual black trainers. I was about to put on my favourite hoodie (which also was yellow) but the weather outside is far too hot for that so I tied it around my waist and slipped my backpack over my shoulders, running down the stairs.


My Mum and Dad were waiting at the front door,
“Ummm… You might want to do something about your hair,” my Mum said whilst pointing at the Pidgey nest at the back of my hair. I quickly leapt upstairs and dragged a brush through my crimson hair and tied it back into a mid-height ponytail.
“I’d better get going!” I called out as I rushed back down the stairs,
“I’m going to be late.” Mum and Dad stood still at the door but then pulled me in for a tight hug.
I could barely breathe, because that was healthy; I patted them on the back trying to get them off of me. They were almost beaming with happiness, I kind of didn’t want to leave but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. They opened the front door and I sprinted out without a seconds notice.
“Be safe out there!” Mum called whilst waving me off,
“Call us often!” Dad shouted. I looked back at them, I knew they’d miss me, and I would miss them but they still had my siblings to annoy them, they’ll be fine.
“Bye!” I yelled whilst hopping onto my bike and charging down the road.


I lived in Santalune City; I wouldn’t really call it a city, the population is only 36. However, I was heading to largest city of Kalos, Lumiose City. Though the first Gym was in Santalune City, I had to first get my starter Pokémon in the Pokémon Lab from Professor Sycamore. I knew I wouldn’t be the only beginner Trainer though; there would be others, probably younger than me. I was sixteen to be fair, rather late to just be beginning my Pokémon adventure. I rode through the entrance of Route 4 into Lumiose and gasped. It was beautiful, the colossal Prism Tower overlooking the whole of the city. I can see it from the bedroom window but this was much more impressive. I dismounted my bike and gazed upon the streets as a wondered around attempting to find the Pokémon Lab, but I wasn’t too worried, I wanted to explore at the same time.


“Ow!” I heard a voice almost shout behind me, I accidentally ran someone’s foot over with my bike,
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry,” I almost screamed. The larger man chuckled lightly,
“Its fine my dear, but you look a little lost, by any chance are you looking for the Pokémon Lab?” he asked, rubbing the back of his almost bald head.
“Yes actually! Wait- how do you know I’m looking for the Lab?” I requested to know. He laughed again, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket, it was a letter,
“Professor Sycamore asked me to look for beginner Pokémon trainers and to take them to the Lab. There’s almost a team of people doing the same job as me. We’re the Professor’s friends, a favour I guess.” I found that rather curious, but it was a good idea.
“I stick out like a sore thumb then?” I joked as I started to follow him as he waddled off.
“Not particularly but I just asked just to be sure,” he reassured me.


We then got to the Pokémon Lab, it wasn’t huge but it was still quite big. On the outside of the gate either side had a podium with a large marble Pokéball. It was strange but I somehow felt like I recognised this place, must be my imagination getting away from me. But when I leave this gate again, I will have two Pokémon (one from here and another from Kanto) by side as my partners and lifelong friends.

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