If I fall

"I catch you if you fall." Niall was my first love and my last. He dared to touch me and he wasn't afraid of my disease. He just loved me....


16. The green stuff

I came home and there was a large bouquet of flowers on the table. There were red roses and I just stared at them. I didn't hear that Niall turned up, not until he took his hands over my eyes and he sounded happy. 
"I have a surprise." 
I swallowed. 
He brought me, with hands over my eyes, across the room and I noticed that we ended up in the bedroom. He removed his hands and I was surprised. Next to the bed stood a crib and with green sheets. I was surprised and I just stared at it. 
"But ...?" 
Niall smiled. 
"The roses are for you and the bed for the baby. Celebrating now that's your three months pregnant."
I couldn't help but smile. I met his eyes and I saw that he was overjoyed. 
"You know the days?" 
He nodded and kissed me quickly. 
"I know everything and I read in a book that the father always has an important role." 
I laughed a little bit and I could do nothing more than just stare at him. Niall was the best boyfriend that I could get and I didn't regret that it was him that I once had chosen. 
"I got nothing to you?" 
He kissed me again. 
"That's not necessary. I'm just glad that I have you and the little fellow in your stomach."


"Why green?" I asked when we went to bed. I looked on the green sheet on the bed and immediately laughed Niall. 
"I'm from Ireland and we are green." 
I smiled and looked at him. 
"Are you green?" 
He nodded. 
"My colors are green." 
I laughed and put me down. 
"But if I have pink or blue?" 
He snorted teasingly and kissed me quickly. 
"It doesn't matter. I'll teach him everything about my Irish roots and you will see that there's a Leprechaun there inside." 
I laughed and I just stared at him. Niall was happy and he laid himself down quickly against the pillow. 
"A little guy with green clothes and a red nose." he said jokingly. I just stared at him with happy eyes. 
"You're kidding?" 
He sneezed. 
"I never joke about Ireland."


We had to start looking for new home. We soon realized that we wouldn't fit in his old. We didn't know what we could afford and we had no idea what we wanted. Still, we found a larger apartment on the lower floor. It wasn't far from my parents and it was close to everything. As soon as Niall walked in the door his face lit up. 
"Here we must live!" 
The woman who showed us the apartment smiled big and she looked down at my stomach. 
"Yes, there's room. Two bedrooms and a big kitchen., You have a bathroom for each bedroom and one extra that's available here in the hall." 
Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me into the first room. 
"Perfect!" he mumbled with wide eyes. I just smiled and I noted that we needed to repaint the walls.
"But the price?" I whispered quickly. Niall laughed and he looked at me. 
"I may have to work a little more?" 
I frowned. 
"We're having a baby. Then you can't work all day and night?" 
He smiled and kissed me quickly. 
"Come on, sweetheart. It's perfect for us and we have room." 
I nodded a little bit. The bedrooms were large and I liked the kitchen. The windows were facing the yard and there was a balcony. 
"We take it!" 
I just stared at Niall. 
"Shouldn't we talk about it first?" 
He quickly shook his head and smiled at the woman. 
"We'll take it!"
She laughed lightly but I saw that she wasn't sure. 
"You'll take it?" 
I saw at Niall that he really wanted to stay in the apartment. I realized it would be impossible to get him to say no. 
"Okay." I mumbled and I gave up. "We'll take it!"


It was like a dream. We got help to move and we bought a lot of new furniture for the new home. I didn't lift anything heavy, but I was still able to pick up everything from moving boxes. It felt as if I ended up in paradise. I began to see what Niall saw and I loved the apartment more as each day went by. We painted the walls and we got a home that fit our style. 
"I love it." I mumbled to an end. Niall smiled at me and he nodded with satisfaction. 
"I told you that this was our home?" 
I nodded and crept into his arms. I took my arms around his waist and looked into his eyes. 
"Sometimes you're right?" 
He laughed and kissed me lightly. 
"Sometimes I'm wrong, but I usually have the right?" 
"Not always!"


The doctor looked at my stomach. He measured the blood pressure, did the ultrasound and he made ​​sure I had good values. 
"How are you?" 
I smiled. 
"I'm good , actually." 
He smiled and looked at me. 
"It looks good so far." 
I frowned and I looked quickly away from him. 
"I feel good and I'm not afraid anymore." 
He nodded with satisfaction. 
"I see it on you. You have gained weight and I see that you have found your place." 
I was surprised. 
My doctor smiled big and he stood up. 
"It's going to be fine. Take on the clothes, you are done here for a week forward."

I knew I had made the right choice. I sat up and I put on my pants and shirt. It felt good in my body and I was on track to remain the happiest woman on earth. Niall filled my life with content and I had a sense to continue.


On the way home I stopped outside a shop. I caught sight of something green in the shop window and directly I just had to go into the store. I got up a green romper with a four-leaf clover on. I could do no more than smile and I saw before me Nialls reaction. "An Irishman's clothes!" he would say and I smiled as I walked up to the checkout. I paid and I laughed as I walked towards the bus. Niall would be happy about my find and I would make him laugh of happiness over a single garment.


"You're just too wonderful?" 
He threw himself into my arms, and he almost lift me up in the air. Niall kissed me and he laughed aloud. 
"You know what I want?" 
I giggled. 
"Well, you're talking of course about green all the time." 
He dropped me on the floor and I saw how he looked down at my stomach. 
"You got the best mom in the world." he giggled to our unborn baby. "You are lucky!" 
I smiled and I raised my eyebrows. 
"And the best father?" 
Niall nodded and looked at me seriously. 
"It's important!" he said jokingly. "A father must be there and make sure the child gets a good education." 
I smiled. 
"That sounds big!"
Niall nodded and held up the green romper suit in front of me. 
"This is what I call a good thing." he laughed a little bit. "I can't believe that I missed that store?" 
I was happy. 
"Sometimes we need a woman to find the big things." 
Niall raised his eyebrow and he looked at me suspiciously. 
"The great things?" 
I grinning. 
In the joke, he looked down between his own legs and I understood what he was referring to. I laughed and blushed. 
"But Niall?" 
He smiled. 
"But it may be a big thing down there?" 
I pulled him into my arms and kissed him lightly. 
"Yeah, but you had it already?"
He laughed and kissed me lightly back. 
"I love you!" 
I smiled. 
"I love you."

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