If I fall

"I catch you if you fall." Niall was my first love and my last. He dared to touch me and he wasn't afraid of my disease. He just loved me....


15. The choice is made

A few nights later I awoke over that Niall tickled me. Okay, he wasn't aware of it, but his hand slid over my stomach and he had pulled down the covers. I was surprised and I just stared at him. 
"What are you doing?" 
He blushed slightly and pulled the covers up over my belly again. 
"I was thinking." 
I smiled. 
"On what?" 
He took a deep breath and he lay his head near mine. 
"That's that going to happen or not happen." 
I realized he was talking about the baby. I become serious and I nodded. 
"Yes, it's a baby?" 
He nodded tired and he looked at me for a long time. It was as if he was thinking, but he had decided. 
"We can ask the doctor if it's really so dangerous for you to be pregnant?"
There was a tingling in my stomach. I hadn't dared to talk more about the baby. I was so afraid he would say that he didn't want it. I smiled at him and nodded a little bit. 
"Are you ready then?" 
He smiled and raised his eyebrows. 
"No, are you?" 
I quickly shook my head and laughed lightly. 
"But who's ready?" 
He agreed. 
"And we don't know whether we are ready or not, if we don't try?" 
I nodded and I smiled big at him. I took my hand and drew it through his gorgeous hair. 
"So you're not against the idea?" 
Niall shook his head. He moved closer to me and kissed me lightly on my shoulder. 
"I was just scared." 
I nodded. 
"And I'm still scared." 
He nodded and took his arm around my waist. 
"We both will be afraid?" 
I agreed. 
"But in a few years, we know that it's not that dangerous?"


Mom put the coffee in her throat and she was coughing before she landed in reality. 
"Are you serious?" 
I nodded and smiled at her. Niall sat next to me and he held my hand tightly. 
"We've talked about it." I replied quickly. "We know that it might not be the best time to get pregnant, but we are determined." 
She just gaped and when dad came into the kitchen she stared at him. 
"Your daughter's pregnant." 
Dad was startled and he almost fainted. 
"What does the doctor say?" 
I swallowed. 
"We'll talk to him today, but we have already decided." 
Mom didn't like that I sounded so confident. 
"But, darling, you're not ..." 
I frowned and interrupted her. 
"I don't care. We have decided and I want you to understand that I am in charge of my body and my life."
Dad sat down and I saw at him that he understood me. He smiled weakly and took his arm around mom's shoulders. 
"Our daughter has grown up. We will become grandparents." 
She sighed and she was almost irritated at him. 
"But she's hardly healthy. She's skinny and she..." 
Dad put his hand over her mouth. 
"Our daughter choose what she wants to do. You have to let her go." 
I agreed and I smiled at Niall. He was happy and he smiled back at me. 
"It's going to be fine." he whispered tenderly. "Just let her get used to it and then she will understand."


My doctor wasn't as understanding as my dad. He just stared at me and it was as if he hadn't planned a no for an answer. 
"You know that it will take a lot from you?" 
I nodded. 
"But we have decided and I'm ready." 
He frowned. 
"Are you?" 
I nodded and I tried not to let his anxiety rub off on me. 
"What do I do?" 
He looked down at the papers. 
"Keep yourself healthy." he almost whispered and swallowed. "I don't know if I can do so much to help you, but I need to check you often and you have to eat." 
I nodded and I smiled. 
"I can eat food and I can certainly squeeze in me more than I usually do."
He met my gaze again. 
"Lilly, are you really sure?" 
I nodded again and again. I wanted to have the baby and I wanted to be a mom. I didn't care about what my body couldn't handle. I believed in myself. 
"I know I want to have my baby and you can't stop me." 
He sighed and I saw that he was beaten. 
"Okay, but promise to come in at the slightest problem. If you experience bleeding or if it hurts. I have to check you closely all the time."


Niall hugged me tight when I got home. He kissed me and he looked like the happiest man. 
"So what did he said." 
I smiled. 
"Who cares? He said we had to come in as soon as something feels wrong or if it hurts." 
Niall released me and smiled big. 
"We can handle that?" 
I nodded and I saw that he had more to tell. 
"My parents come here." he whispered happily. "They need to see you and I told them the truth." 
I became nervous. 
"But I'm not ... I mean ..." 
He laughed. 
"You love me, then you'll love them."
I felt small. What if they didn't like me or if they said something about my appearance? 
I shook my head quickly. 
"No Niall, I don't want to see them." 
He smiled and took my face between his hands. 
"They will love you as much as I love you." 
I swallowed. 
"But if they say that I'm skinny or ugly?" 
Niall kissed me quite easily over the lips. 
"I don't care. It's me who loves you and I have promised to be yours forever." 
I swallowed and I just stared at him. 


I was shaking all over. Maura came first in the door and then Bobby. I saw them first devoted Niall their attention, but after hugged him, they looked at me. I was shaking all over my legs and I just wanted to die. It was like I almost fainted. I was therefore surprised when Maura came towards me and hugged me tightly. 
"I've heard so much about you." 
I blushed and I felt panic. I hugged her and when she released me she smiled big at me. 
"It's so fun that Niall finally chose a normal girl to be with." she looked down at my belly and smiled big. "And I know you're having a little soon." 
I blushed and felt that Bobby hugged me. I just stared at Niall and he laughed with amusement to me. 
"Yes, we have chosen to proceed with that part." 
I gulped and nodded. Bobby released me and he smiled at me. 
"You are welcomed into the family Horan's clan."


It was as if I walked into the perfect family. Maura treated me like an old friend, and Bobby was more than nice to me. They stayed for a few days and in the meantime I found out many things about Nialls childhood. They told me about his hole childhood and about the things that were good to know. Niall just blushed and he was almost ashamed over certain things. Once they would go home to Ireland again, it felt almost empty. 
"We will meet again." Maura said happily and she hugged me tightly. "Just take care of your body and you will make it."


"They love you!" Niall whispered in my ear. He hugged me and smiled at me. "I said it would be no problem?" 
I smiled and nodded at him. 
"I didn't know your parents were so wonderful." 
He smiled and caressed my face. 
"They created me, then they must be perfect?" 
I laughed and slapped him. 
"Now you're just arrogant."

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