"So the bad boy needs a break?" She taunts me, as I continue to follow her over the pile of rocks. She steps gracefully and I stomp, pissed off. "Kalani," I start. "I don't need this right now, please--." "Shh," she hushes me. "We're here."


3. the start



"Kenny, there is nothing to do!" I complain as we sit by the apartment complexes pool. Sure the pool was filled with gorgeous girls swimming and laughing at the in-pool bar, but it was boring. 

In New York City there was always something to do, and here it's like a place to just get sunburnt. 

"What would you like to do?" He asks me in a dark voice which is his normality. 

"Anything?! Aren't there any clubs?"

"I will ask around. What would you like to do for dinner?" 

"I don't care, just find a place." 

"Fine," he says before he gets off the seat beside me and heads inside. I know I was annoying him. He's told me countless times he wasn't my servant and that he wasn't my friend. He was my protection. I just miss my friends, well my friends that I put in prison. 

They'll never forgive me. 

"Leo, stop!" I heard a girl playfully laughing. I looked beyond the white fence and saw her. I guy beside her was shaggy hair was teasing her. "Ah!" 

He picks her up and soon she is on his back and they run down the sidewalk, barefoot and completely enjoying their time. I watched them until they were out of sight and even then I stood up and walked closer to the gate until I saw them running towards the beach. 

He runs into the ocean with her still on his back and soon they are under water. When they raise she playfully slaps him and then starts to get out of water. They both slowly walk back and I turn my back just as they come closer. 

"My mom is going to kill me. We have to be at the Dazoo by eight."

"We'll get there," he says in return and as I turn my head to see them he pulls her close and kisses her. 

For some reason a stab of jealously hits me. I didn't even know her and I wanted to be kissing her and I didn't even know him and I just wanted to hit him across the face. 

"Liam, there are a few clubs-," I see Kenny begin to say.

"Change of plans. We're going to Dazoo, we'll need reservations at eight."




Nothing was more horrifying than seeing my mom's expression as Leo and I walk through the screen door, soaked and dragging sand on our bare feet. 

"Get. In. The. Shower. Now," she said it all in one word sentences and through her clenched teeth. Leo and I said nothing as we raised up the stairs. 

Leo locks us in the bathroom and takes my hand and pulls me close to his bare chest. My hand landed on his chest, our skin matching hues. 

He brings me close and kisses me gently before he gets more rough and I start to pull away. I smile as I turn on the water of the shower and I turn towards him.

"Turn around!" I tell him as I begin to take my wet clothing off. 

"Kalani, we've been together long enough for me to see you naked, don't you think?" 

"No," I tell him. "Just because we grew up together doesn't change anything."

"Well I hope I get to see that naked body soon," he says and I look away. I jump into the shower and close the curtain. 

I wasn't ready for more than kissing. I don't care if I'm eighteen or not. It's my body and sure I love Leo, but I'm just not sure if he's going to be the one. I let the water drench me, hearing Leo open and then close the bathroom door I take a deep breath.


"Oh this is marvelous," my mother excites as she finishes the last bits of her dessert. "Sweetie, you must really try this!" 

My mother English accent was loud and lots of people looked at the table. My dad found my mom when she was in Hawaii for vacation. They fell in love, she stayed in Hawaii, got married, and nine months later I came along. 

I was there only child. Not that I didn't mind but I was outcast all through school and Leo was the only one. I don't think he even counts because his mom forced him to play cowboys and indians with me. 

I smushed my tiramisu with my fork, keeping the palm of my hand as a support for my head. I wish Leo could've come, but ever since the wet accident earlier, he was told to go home. 

So here I sat. 


"Psst!" The annoying noise caught my attention and I looked to my right. 

It was him and Kenny. 

"What?" I mouth towards him.

"Bored?" He mouths back.

I shake my head even though my emotions make my notions look ridiculous. He raises an eyebrow and I look away.

I don't need this. 

The sun comes from behind a cloud and makes my shoulders warm. I feel pressure on the hand that went back to supporting my head. I looked up to see him, pushing a crumpled wad of paper into my hand, kissing my knuckles and then saying with utter breathlessness. "Goodnight."

Then he was gone. It was like that scene in Titanic when Jack tells Rose to meet him at the clock. It was cheesy, it was somewhat ridiculous, but he had my uttermost attention now. 

"Who was that darling?" I hear my mother say.

"A-A friend, from school." I blubber.


"You should go with him," I hear my father say. 

"What?!" My mother retaliates. 

"Yea," I say almost nonexistent. "I should go." 

"Kalani!" I start to hear my mother but my feet have taken me away from the table. 

I don't know how, I don't know why, but I just felt like I needed to go. It was an adventure. An adventure I would gladly take any day.



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