"So the bad boy needs a break?" She taunts me, as I continue to follow her over the pile of rocks. She steps gracefully and I stomp, pissed off. "Kalani," I start. "I don't need this right now, please--." "Shh," she hushes me. "We're here."


2. small beads of water

"Here's your new ID," the FBI agent said to me. "You can keep your first name, but we'll change you're last name."

"Which will be...?" 


"How original," I rolled my eyes. "Where am I headed?" 

"Maui." He finishes signing the stack of papers before him and then looks up at my blank face. "Will that be suitable?" 

"You're sending me to Hawaii?" 

"Liam," he starts, placing his elbows on the table. "The New York Blood Gang is on a manhunt looking for you. You know, as well as I do, that they have close connections with every other gang in the United States--."

"Why don't you send me home then?"

"We would love to send you back to England, but we can't. That's the first place they'll look. The best for you is to go to an island until we need you." 

"So, you want me to sit on my ass and stay hidden." It wasn't a question.

"Of course not," he smiles as he stands up. "There's tons of things to do in Maui. Just don't get yourself in a fucking gang again, because we won't bail you out again Liam. You're father might be a lawyer, but we can't get you out of everything." 

I exhale, defeated. I was happy to go to Hawaii. A place where it's warm, and sandy. Nothing like New York City. "Okay."

"Okay, great! Kenny will have you taken to the airport." He points to a tall, muscular man with skin as almost dark as night. Great, we'll fit in like natives! "We'll check up on you in the coming months, until we get this a little more settled. Have fun in Maui, I heard the surfing is amazing." 

I wanted to roll my eyes, but I couldn't. Because I was actually ready to be out of this shit hole. 



"Here, Ahe, here boy," I blow my whistle to get his attention better before he swims over to me. Just like a soft breeze, he glides in the water. Ahe is one of the dolphins here in my father's little habitat. Well foster home, like I like to call it. 

We live in Paia, on the north shore of Maui and my family are the only ones who own a closed habitat for dolphins and sea turtles. We watch over them until it's time for them to be moved to O'ahu. 

Ahe came to us after his mother was killed by poachers, so he was just a baby, but we raised him well. 

"Kalani," my mother calls from the wooden pier that leads into our home. "Your father wants you to go to the fish market."

I nod, crouch back down and pet Ahe, seeing all the other dolphins coming up to meet me at water's edge. 

"You all eat too much," I tell them with a smile. "I'll be back soon."

They all give me a little noises of thanks and Ahe touches my palm again before they disappear under the water. I make my way into town on my bike. I'm not wearing shoes, who cares anyways. 

Paia is more busier than usual today so I make my way successfully around the crowd and closer to the smell of fish. The men who work there all know my dad and it's no surprise when they see me. Instead they gives me two bags of heavy fish, I thank them, then I'm on my way back. 

Again going through the crowd of people, it was harder. I now had fish, which just made things harder. I'm focusing too much on the fish I don't realize the abandoned flip flop the my front bike tire was heading for. 

​I don't hit it successfully, instead I get off balanced, luckily I'm able to put my feet down but that wasn't before I ran the back of my hand against the bark of a palm tree. I felt my skin slice up and that's when I finally put my feet down. My bare toes touching the hot sand, thanking the gods I was used to it. 

"Ouch, ouch, ouch," I say as I turn my hand over and blow of the growing amount of blood. 

"That looks like it hurts," I hear a voice and without looking a reply.

"It does, a lot. I haven't sliced my hand on a palm tree in forever."

"Can I help?" 

I finally look up at the voice, the voice so willing to help me. The dirty blonde hair was wet. His brown eyes looked more like gold and small beads of water ran off his skin. He was obviously in the ocean water. 

"Sure," I say before he thinks I'm a dimwit for not answering. "Just grab me one of those palm leaves."

He looks behind himself and down at the sand. Picking up a big green leaf he walks back over to me. 

"Here, take this," I tell him as I hand him the bags of fish. I take the leaf and wrap it around my hand, creating a bandage. Then I take back the fish.

"You must enjoy raw fish," he states as he hands the bags back to me.

"My family and I own a dolphin habitat."

"That's pretty cool," he says as another man walks up beside him. The man was double his size and his skin was so dark. At least three shades darker than mine. He wasn't sensed my uneasiness looking at the newcomer. "Oh, this is Kenny. He's a close friend of mine."

The way he said it, seemed like he was lying. 

"Hi," I say before I feel a tug on one of the bags. A pelican was trying to get itself into the fish and I pulled the bag away but the pelican went at it again. "I need to get this home. Thanks again." Before I had to endure awkward goodbyes I left the scene, taking my fish and an annoying pelican with me. 


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