"You won't leave me right?"


2. Thoughts

I rolled out of bed, turned on my radio, walked into the bathroom, turned on my straightener, pulled my hair back and washed my face, brushed out my hair, straightened it, got dressed, put on my makeup, brushed my teeth, put on my Vans, put on some cute jewelry, got my bag and headed out the door. I was about to text Clay but he was probably driving so I left it alone. I got in my car and then thought about Taylor. I sighed. I wish I had a phone in 5th grade so I would have his number and stalk him. I started the car and drove to the mall. I was thinking about Taylor so hard that I didn't even realize the radio station was at a commercial. I even ran a red light! Oh well. I parked in the crowded parking lot. Should I tell Clay that I had a dream about my 5th grade boyfriend? No he'll probably just laugh. I sighed and stepped out. I walked in the mall and saw Clay and we hugged and kissed and shopped and laughed. We got hungry and got food at the food court and sat down at a table. I couldn't get the Taylor thing off my mind! "I had the weirdest dream last night!" Clay laughed, "What was it about?" I asked faking a big grin. "Ok so I had a dream that we got married and adopted a monkey!" Clay said cracking up. I laughed too cause of the way he said it. "Did you dream about anything last night?" He asked. I looked at him and said,"Ya...just a little flashback." "Ooh I love flashbacks! Tell me!!!" Clay said. I sighed and said,"I had a flashback about my 5th grade boyfriend." Clay looked at me and I had tears in my eyes. "Tracy what's wrong?" Clay asked worried. "I've been thinking about him so hard today! Clay, I wanna find him." I said sobbing and regretting every word I just said. He just held my hand. "Why do you wanna find him so bad? That was in 5th grade. He could be ugly now." Clay said. "I don't care!!! He was my boyfriend and I loved him!!!" I said raising my voice.

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