"You won't leave me right?"


1. The Dream

Tracy's POV


"Taylor! Give me my scissors!!!"

"No I need to use them!"

"You're a bad boyfriend."

"Fiiiiiiinnneeeee!!! Here."

"Haha gets you every time."

"Butt head."

"TAYLOR CANIFF!!! If you wanna be my boyfriend then treat me like a princess not dirt!!!"

"Ok ok sorry. Kiss me?"

"We're in class!"

"C'mon just a peck. Plz?"

"Ok fine!"

*End of dream*

I shot up in bed right when I pecked Taylor on the cheek in my dream. I chuckled a little. That was a flashback from 5th grade when I was dating Taylor. It was nice but I moved across the country and I'm a senior now with a different boyfriend. I wonder where Taylor is now. Oh well. I looked at my phone and saw I got a text from my boyfriend, Clay(the viner)

"Hey bæ wanna come over? Or nah?"

I smiled and texted back:

"Let's go to the mall. How about 10ish?"

About 5 minutes later my phone buzzed and Clay said:

"Kk see ya then bae😘😘😘"

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