"You won't leave me right?"


11. Leaving Me

Taylor's POV

Tracy looked so heartbroken! Damn it why did I do that??? I was just about to whisper to her that I'm breaking up with Ashley but then Ashley barged in and said,"C'mon!!! Stop talking guys! It's been too long!" I looked at Tracy and she was heartbroken but still putting a smile on her face. The fakest smile I've ever seen... We all went to the mall and Ashley had a great time and Tracy and I were pretending to have a good time. I could tell Tracy was really hurt. We all got hungry and went to the food court, got our food, and then sat down. Ashley was blabbing to me about school or something I didn't care about but I blocked her and was staring at Tracy across the table. Her hand was rested on her hand and I even think I saw a tear roll down her cheek. Tracy was mine first! I had her first! Ashley can't ruin it! I'm gonna break up with Ashley tomorrow!!! I got a smile on my face and Tracy saw me and she looked even more hurt!


I was so tired! It was 11:00 at night and I was up with the boys talking and Tracy was with us but she was sitting between Cam and Nash. When it was time to go to sleep Tracy shared a bed with Nash...not me. I finally dozed off and dreamed about Tracy. It was an amazing dream. But then I woke up and my worst fear came true...Tracy was gone...

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