"You won't leave me right?"


12. Goodbye...I Guess

I shot up and was just about to dart out the door but there was a note on the door from Tracy saying,


I'm so glad I found you! I was so happy and thought we'd be together and be happy but I was wrong. Our lives have changed since 5th grade and we need to go our separate ways. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye to you cause I knew you wouldn't let me go but you have Ashley and I have a boyfriend named Clay in California so I don't need you. Goodbye...I guess...


Tears started rolling down my cheek. Why didn't I tell Tracy about Ashley or broke up with Ashley??? If I did Tracy would be with me right now!!!

Tracy's POV

I got to the airport and sat down and waited for my flight to be called. I closed my eyes and jabbed my nails into my knees trying not to cry and lose it and give in and go back to Taylor. I started thinking of him. "No. No...Stop!" I said jabbing harder and harder. My flight got called and I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. I got to the little hallway door(the long hallway thing attached to the plane)and looked back one last time. Goodbye Florida. Goodbye Taylor. I sat down in a seat on the plane and tried so hard not to cry. I couldn't. A tear rolled down my cheek as I looked out of the window. And to think I was so happy when I came here and I'm so depressed leaving. I was expecting to be the happiest girl alive when I left. I was wrong. The plane started to take off and I started to cry. I looked down and then the clouds blocked out the view. "Goodbye." I whispered putting my hand on the window.

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