"You won't leave me right?"


9. Finally

I just let out a sob and looked up. "Do you need any help from us?" He said. I looked up at him and said softly,"I don't know." He reached down and grabbed my hand and then said,"It's ok. We'll help you." I looked up and said,"You will?" "Of course." He said. "Come with us." He said. I hesitated for a second but then grabbed his hand and he helped me. I don't that they're complete strangers. I just ignored that. He pulled me onto a tight side hug as we walked. And for some reason it wasn't awkward. It made me feel safe and relaxed. "I'm Cameron by the way." He said. "I'm Carter." The other boy said. "I-I'm Tracy." I said. "I like that name." Carter said. I smiled. We got to a hotel and Carter and Cameron snuck me past the front desk and on our way up on the elevator Cameron said,"Oh by the way, there are more of us. There's Aaron, Shawn, Nash, Jack and Jack, Matt, us of course, oh! And Taylor." I sighed. Great. He reminded me of the whole reason Clay will probably break up with me. The elevator door opened and we walked towards the room. We walked down the hallway and Carter knocked on all the doors that the other boys were in and yelled,"Guys get up! There's someone here!" About 10 minutes later the guys started coming out. "Introduce your names." Cameron said. "I'm Shawn." A brown headed boy said. "I'm Aaron." One of them said. "I'm Matt." A cute one said. "I'm Nash." A boy with beautiful blue eyes said. "I'm Jack." A tall brown head with perfect teeth said. "I am also Jack." A small boy said. "I'm Taylor." A boy with beautiful brown eyes and cute hair said. Wait a second..."Holy fuck." I whispered staring at Taylor and getting really shaky. "W-What?" Taylor said. "T-Taylor? Caniff???" I said. "Ya why?" He said. I let out a big sob. "Wait...Tracy???" He said. I nodded smiling and sobbing at the same time. He quickly hugged me really tight and cried on my shoulder and I had my face buried in his neck sobbing. We both fell on our knees still hugging. The other boys looked so confused. After about 15 minutes of hugging we stood up and explained how Taylor was my boyfriend in 5th grade and how I moved away and guess what??? Taylor said he's been looking for me for years!!!

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