Breaking Annie.

A Luke hemmings fanfiction.


8. 7


There were many things I enjoyed in life. Listening to records while it's raining and the windows cracked open, a really good book, summer days back home on the beach, concerts, and most recently Annie.

The way she bites her lip when she concentrates, the sound of her laugh, the line that creases between her brow when she thinks, when she smiles and tucks a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. Everything about her was entrancing. 

I sat opposite of her on her little twin bed watching her study, tapping a pen against her book as she concentrated. I had never studied for a single test in my life, and with the state of my current grades, maybe I should.

"Ugh." She sighed turning the page. It was so cute how she gets frustrated by little things like this. Why do I think these things about her. What made her seem so significant compared to any other girl I'd fucked in the past. She was no different from any other girl. Actually no, that was complete bullshit. She couldent be more different.

She was smart. She was beautiful, but not beautiful like the girls in magazines. Beautiful like nothing I'd ever experienced before. She had a way about her, how she talked, the way she walked into a room. Her beauty went so far beyond her appearance. I didn't understand why I felt like this. This was ridiculous. I was going to stop this, maybe if I told myself enough that she was repulsive I would belive it. Antigone was disgusting, everything about her makes me want to thrust my fist through a wall.

"Luke..." And just like that, her voice brought me back to reality. There was no way in hell I could even begin to convince myself that any of that rubbish was true. Was there even anything wrong with her... I searched for so long, examining her, and there wasn't a goddamn thing, she didn't need to try to be perfect... Perfect needed to try to be her.

"Luke..?" She repeated, raising a concerned eyebrow at me.

"Umm yeah?"

"I asked you a question..." She rolled her eyes obviously annoyed with me.

"Sorry, I was spacing out. What?"

"What's the pattern for Shakespearean dialect again.?"

"7, 5,7." She nodded and went back to studying her text book.

We sat there for an hour. Her overachieving, and me studying her like she was an intricate piece of artwork. I hope she didn't know what I was thinking, my thoughts were beyond creepy, and if she only knew... shed never speak to me again. And then it dawned on me that I didn't know what I would do with my spare time if I couldn't listen to her ramble on about pointless things for hours anymore.

"Luke, can I ask you something?" She looked up at me with worry in her eyes. What did I do?

"Yeah, shoot..."

"What happened that night. The night of the party?"

"I told you, you took some shit and I brought you back to my place."

"No, I cant remember much, but I remember Viv crying... and you screaming at Ash." She looked down at her hands and nerviously played with her fingers.

"Ash asked me a dumb question in truth or dare, I refused to answer it, he pushed me, and I blew up. Thats it. I sware." She nodded.

"What happened to you two?" I didnt want to answer that. I never even want to revisit that memory. 

"I know its none of my buessneiss but..."

"He did some stuff to Vivan. Thats all..."

"What did he do?"

"Annie, I'm trying my goddamn hardest to surpress that time out of my memory so drop it." I didnt know why I had to be so blunt with her, but I just didnt want to fucking talk about this shit. She just nodded and closed her textbook.

"I'm going to go shower." She said walking out of the dorm. And there I sat, alone on her bed... wishing I hadnt yelled.

I got up and decided to grab Gatsby off of her nightstand. I opened it and the pages were covered in notes, and highlighter marks. I rolled through it, and like id predicted she had the line highlighted with a tiny heart next to it...

-So we beat on, boats against the current, drawn back ceaselessly into the past...

It was one of my favorite quotes ever. Everything about this book spoke to me. Maybe because I saw myself in Gatsby, and the green light had always symbolized my life... a giant pretentious metaphor. Or maybe I cherished it because it was the last thing my dad gave to me before everything happened. I closed the book and set it down on the bed. I didn't need it, I could probably read the entire thing out loud from memory. 

I was bored out of my mind, I began looking around the room. From Viv's posters to Annie's black white walls with a single poster of the world map. Then I saw her shower bag. She must have forgotten it. I rolled my eyes picking up the dumb thing making my way to the co'ed bathrooms.

When I walked in I heard voices.

"Please stop..."

"Shhh, baby. I promise you'll like it."

"No, please." The girl cried out, as if pleading for her life, then I recognized the voice. Annie.

"Please stop it. Help!" She screamed and I furiously looked through the maze of shower stalls..

"Just shut up..." I heard something smack against a wall and thats when I sprinted and found them. Nate towing over her, and tears streaming down her face. I imediatley shoved him against the wall and pinned him to it by his throat.

"Luke, I can explain..." He choked, I just smashed his head against the wall again, bringing my lips close to his ear.

"Fuck you." I murmured throwing his body on the floor, driving my hand into his head over and over again. he fucking deserved every bruise and broken bone. I had let the darkness take over me, I couldent feel anything exept the sheer anger rushing through my veins.

"LUKE STOP!" I pulled my self away long enough to see one of his jock friends, Brent running to him with his hands up in surrender.

"Your going to kill him..." He pleaded and I looked down at the shaking body underneath me, blood covered my hands as well as his face. Did he think I really gave a shit? The asshole deserved to die. The only reason I got off of him was because I didn't want a homocide on my criminal record.

I watched as he dragged the barely living Nate from the bathroom and thats when i realized she was still here. On the floor, Cowering in the corner of the shower stall,completely exposed. You'd think that seeing her naked would have done something for me... but not like this. She was scared, in shock.I shifted my eyes down her body, Brusies in the shapes of fingers were imprinted on her wrists, and her eyes were all puffy from crying. When she looked at me her cries became more profuse and audible. I turned around and looked at my reflection, My hands were coated in Nate's blood. No wonder she was so fucking terrified

I looked back down at her, she was in shock... and there was no way in hell I was going to leave her in here like this. I walked over to her and she pulled away from me, i went against her will and stepped closer, pulling off my T-shit and sliding it over her torso, attempting to cover as much of her naked body as I could and then I cradled her in my arms like a baby. She just cried and cried and I hushed her and rocked her back and forth. 

"I don't know what happened, he just..." I shushed her, I didn't want to hear about it. Mainly because I didn't want her to think about it, and also because I couldn't listen to it without hunting him and Brent down and snapping his neck.

I picked her up and walked back to the dorm, when I got in Viv's voice echoed through the room...

"Oh my gosh, guess what just came in the mail Anne." When she saw us she stopped talking and her eyes were pried wide open at the site of a barley clothed balling Annie clinging to my bare torso as anger clearly radiated from me due to how she took a few steps away.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and she still clung to me, crying. I could feel her tears against my bare chest.

"What the hell happened." I didn't answer, I just stared at the shaking terrified girl holding on to me for her life. Viv was right, what the hell did just happen?

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