Breaking Annie.

A Luke hemmings fanfiction.


5. 4


I was a timebomb. Everyone knew it, and if they didnt know it they could sense it. I was quiet and reserved and everyone was always on edge around me, just waiting for me to snap, again. Everyone with the exeption of a few friends back home, Vivian, and i guess Annie now too...

I just liked to keep to myself, and bury my anger in cigarettes, books, and the ocasional girl at a party. And I was fine with that, at least if I was distracted people couldent see underneath my mask.

"Are you ready to go?" I looked over at the blue eyes staring into mine. To describe her eyes as just blue seemed to be an insult more than a description. To think my own cold blue eyes were captivating was a lie compared to hers. They were so impossibly blue that when I looked into them I wondered if someone had bottled the sky into her soul. I knew from the moment that I first looked into her eyes that they were one of the few truly beautiful things that you would experience in this short-long lifetime.

I was rightfully obsesed with the eyes of Antigone Rose Foster.

"Yeah." It amused me how out of all my thoughts I just said one word to her, once again leaving my perfect mask intact.

We walked downstairs to the parkinglot acrossed the street where my black SUV sat outside of the english department building. The drive to Kat's fraternity house was only five minuets, the entire car ride there was silent, and I didnt mind. I preffered the quiet... sometimes talking ruined everything.

There wasnt very many people there tonight, I'm surprised that Anne survived even two minuets at the one Monday... But this one would be more quiet, a total of only nine people were there when we got inside, including Vivan, Kat, Tia, Jade, unfortunatley ashton and the other boys, and me and Annie. I felt sadly felt a slight remorse for them, I ruined everything. But I would still never trust him again, I may have been the first to cop out but he fired the first shot. Ashton Irwin could go rot in hell for all I cared.

"Guys this is Anne my new room mate...' Viv said standing up and walking Annie to go sit with her and the group.

"Anne this is Jade, Tia, and Kat." The impossibly blue eyed girl smiled inoccently at the group. Tucking a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear...

"And this is Ash, Cal, Mikey, and you've met Luke." She analyzed all of us and then smiled like an idiot when her eyes met Ashtons. I wish that fucking prick had never even met her, I didnt even want to know how he snaked his way into her at that party, but I didnt want him to ruin her innocence. I felt this odd protectiveness over her, she was just so full of light. She was diffrent, delicate even. She just looked so incredibly breakable. Then again, I was hanging around her. Bad desicion on my part, as much as I hated to admit to it, if anyone in this room could have the most potential of hurting her, it was me.

"Hi..." She said waving at the group, they all just waved and then went back into the conversation they must have been having before we walked into the house. Rambling on about unimportant things that wouldent be relavent in another week, I just sat there in my own thoughts for about an hour before I heard my name.

"Luke?" Viv sat next to me with an eyebrow raised. Everyones attention was still on eachother, the only person paying any attention to me was Vivian.

"Luke, you feeling okay?" She asked with a concered look in her stone colored eyes.

"Yeah, I'm just going to go grab a drink..." I said getting up from my seat on the floor.

"Alright..." She adverted her attention back to the group, and I walked into the kitchen pouring a substantial amout of captain in a glass of cocacola. Why the fuck was I even mixing shit, I was more for just taking my liquor straight up, it got the job done quicker.

When I walked back into the living room Cal had a joint bewtween his lips that he was passing around the group. I just sighed and pulled out a cigarette, another personal favorite of mine. It may not get you high, but it once again got the job done quicker. I inhaled the bittersweet smoke into my mouth, I could feel Vivianne glaring a hole staight through me. I exhaled chuckling. I didnt understand why she was so personally atatched to me, for some odd reason she cared about me more than any other person on this planet. She believed in me, then again anyone who knew her knew that she didn't have good judgment.

"Lets play truth or dare..." Jade said giggling and takeing another swig from the red cup in her perfectly manicured hand. Everyone smiled and agreed.

"I'll start..." she said cunnningly shifting her glance across the group of us. "Michael, truth or dare?"

"Um, dare duh..."

" I dare you to take a full two shots in one take..." She giggled and he just rolled his eyes.

"I guess we're starting off easy." He chuckled pouring the equivelant of two shots into an empty red cup on the table and letting it slide down his throat. Everyone clapped when he was finished.

"OKay, I choose Ash, truth or dare?..." he said putting the cup back on the table.

"Dare." Ashton grinned, exposing his deep dimples carved into his cheeks.

"I dare you to make out with Tia." Ashton just shrugged, walking over to the black and magenta haired, long legged girl. I guess it was an okay dare, Ashton and her at one point in life had dated for two years. they started kissing and everyone cheered, but I became quickly bored and glanced over at the very uncomfortable Annie sitting a person away from me. she was shocked, I thought it was incredibly funny.

After ash was finished snogging her he took a bow, getting a laugh from everyone and then he sat down.

"Okay... Luke truth or dare." he had to be fucking with me.

"Sorry, I don't play your horses shit party games." I rolled my eyes taking a shot of kinky from the bottle on the coffee table.

"Don't cop out Luke." calum said chuckling.

"Truth or dare?" Ashton repeated staring a hole through me with his green eyes.

"I'm not in the mood ash..." He's lucky if I don't smash this bottle of kinky over his head right now....


"Fine. truth." there is no way in hell I would let him dare me to do shit.

"Why won't you forgive me?" he asked, the sentence silenced the entire group.

"I'm not answering this in a game of truth or dare..." I scoffed, was he serious?

"I want an answer..." he just kept pushing my buttons more and more.

"Don't push your luck ash." I said shooing him my dirtiest look possible.

"I just want to know why..."

"Because she's my fucking sister you fucking bastard!" I yelled loosing control of my anger. When I finally calmed down after a second I glanced over at Viv her entire face was drained of color, and a single tear slid down her cheek. shit.

"Viv I'm so sorry...." she ran out of the room. I can't believe that I said that in front of everyone. this was supposed to be over... nice job Luke. I ran out of the room following her, and it didnt take long to find her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Viv, i didnt mean too..."

"Just stop." She said cutting my sentence short and wiping tears from her eyes. "You had no right Luke! Just forget about it okay? Why is it so hard for you to get over it... just leave this alone..." She was going hysterical.

I just sat down and wrapped her tiny body in my embrace, craddeling her in my arms like when we were kids and mom and Paul would fight. She would run into my room crying and hide from all the screaming going on outside the door in my arms. Exept the only diffrence now, was I was the one doing the damage.

"I just dont understand why Luke. Why cant you just let it go. I have..." She wimpered wiping the black lines away from her cheeks.

"I wont ever forgive him for that Viv, and I dont understand why you have..." I said looking into her cold grey eyes. She just turned her face back into my chest and we waited a while before she pulled herself together again. I shouldent have said a damn word, I never wanted to bring those memorys back into viv's head, into everyones head really...

"How about we go rejoin the party eh?" I said standing her up with me.

"Yeah." As we walked into the room it went silent and everyone stared at us, I just ignored them and took my seat again, ignore all the arrogant assholes surrounding me.

"Okay, Anne truth or dare." Tia said smirking and looking at the inoocent girl sitting a person away from me. Damnit.

"Umm, dare?" She said shrugging. Fucking damnit.

"I dare you to take this..." Tia said sliding a tablet out of her jean shorts. There was no way in hell I was letting his happen. No fucking way.

"What is it..." Annie's face was beat red as she examined the tablet.

"No way Tia, take it back..." I said standing up...

"Luke chill, its just alittle extacy, its not gonna kill her." Tia said with a cunning smirk on her face.

"I said no fucking way Tia." I stepped closer to her, making her tensen up more.

"Wait..." Annie said grabbing the pill off of the table.

"Stop it." I said looking at Annie. I wasnt going to let her do this to herself. She smirked at me and put the tablet in her mouth and swallowed it down with a shot of vodka, making her cringe. 

There was no way this was going to end well. I knew something like this was bound to happen, I shouldent have even let her come here with me...

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