Breaking Annie.

A Luke hemmings fanfiction.


2. 1

There were a countless number of things that were wrong in the world. We could talk about war, disease, the fight to end poverty and hunger. But instead I'm not going to talk about the things that are wrong with the world I'm going to talk about the numerous things that were wrong with me. I could talk about how I was stubborn, or the way I couldent let anything remain imperfect. But im going to talk about the one thing I hate most. Antigone. My name had to be the worst thing about me.

You see I was the daughter of a English major and a drunk who left my family imperfect and broken. My name came from a book. My mother calls it beautiful and I call it disastrous. My name, I decided was the root reason to why I hated myself more than anything else in this world.

"Ann..." I looked up from my journal that I had been scribbling in the entire car ride to see my mother.

My mother was another problem. maybe I wouldn't use the word problem, perhaps victim would suit her better. Beth foster was a victim of divorce, and an abusive marriage. I suppose that's what made her the way she was now, empty. she had been worn to the bone and there was nothing alive in her any more. She was as cold as marble.

"Ann, we are here." I looked out the window and saw it. the giant grey stone buildings surrounded by an abundance of greenery. the architecture was spectacular. I had arrived at duke university.

So this is what collage looked like...

"Ann grab your bags and let's get you to your dorm, I want to leave before the storm hits." she popped the trunk of the car and I decided to get out of the small stuffy car.

The air smelt fresh and clean. this school was absolutely gorgeous. four years of locking myself in my room and studying had led me to this. I worked so hard to get somewhere, and that somewhere was a scholarship to duke university. I had officially made it.

"Come on Anne." I looked away from my thoughts to find my mother walking down the side walk with my suitcase.

I grabbed the rest of my bags and closed the trunkand ran to catch up with her.

The stairs up to my dorm were endless, my mothers high heels clicked through the stairwell echoing against the old stone walls, finally we approached the second floor and my mother navigated her way to my room right away. she twisted the key and the door swung open.

The dorm wasn't much. it had a small entry way connected to a small room with two small beds on each side. Emphasis intended when I say small. one side was blank with white walls and a white bed and the other side was covered in posters of bands I'd never heard of.

"Are you sure that your ready for this?" I turned to face my mother, her blue eyes questioning mine.

"Yeah I'm sure." I nodded.

"Okay I'm going to go then, be careful here. Don't do anything stupid." I giggled and walked over to give her a hug.

"I won't." I said as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Alright. Call me this weekend." Then She turned around and left. I was alone, I was free from her. This was bliss.

I had nothing to do so I decided to unpack everything. And once everything was unloaded I began cleaning. And once everything was perfect I lit a candle and started to re read one of the many books in my collection. I never really bought new books, I just dwelled on my old ones and highlighted and tried to find the deeper meaning of them.

My reading was soon interrupted by the front door opening and a tall attractive blonde walking into the room. My eyes were drawn to the ring in his lip and the tattoo on his bicep, I couldn't ever understand why someone would want to ruin their body like that... By puncturing holes and staining it with ink. His hair was a mess and his jeans clung tight to his legs. He seemed edgy, the only soft thing about him was the bright shade of blue in his eyes.

Who the fuck are you?"The door opened and closed again...

"What are you cursing about?" Footsteps clicked through the entry until a tiny lavender haired girl in heels and black skinnys was standing next to the blonde boy. She stuck out her tongue at him and he laughed rolling his eyes at her. They were an adorable couple, perfect really. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder and smiled at me.

"I'm Viv, you must be my new roomate." The tiny girl smiled wrapping her pale arms around me, the action caught me off gaurd..

"Uh, hey?" I awkwardly half hugged her back. I guess you could sence just how uncomfortable I was due to the blonde boy chuckling at the entire situation.

"What?" Viv turned, looking annoyed at the tall boy.

"Nothing..." He collapsed on her bed and smirked at me, sending a bad chill up my spine.

"It's obviously something Luke, just say it."

"Nothing." He repeated, pulling his lip ring in between his teeth... which I'll admit made him that much more attractive

"Thats Luke for you. Whats your name again?"

"Ann." I avoided telling her my full name.

"Well, welcome to duke I guess." She shrugged at me and I smiled.

"Well I have to go get milk so I'll be back in a bit, do you need anything while I'm at the store?"

"No, thats alraight."

"Okay, see you soon then!" she said closing the door behind her.

I laid back down on my bed and started on my book again.

"Really, Gatsby?" I jumped to come to the realization that the annoying blonde boy was still laying on Viv's bed on the other side of the room staring at the posters on her ceiling.

"Oh you're still here..."


"Well nobody is forceing you to stay." There was something about his tone that made me feel like I had to defend myself.

"You are absolutley right." He chuckled, pulling a cigarette box out of his skinny jeans, placing a joint between his teeth.

"You're disgusting." I scoffed at his stupidity.

"And you're a judgmental bitch." He smirked, lighting the poison between his lips.

"Excuse me?" I gasped. Was he serious?

"You see Antigone. I know people like you, I've had to deal with them my entire life, and I could see the judgment in your eyes when i walked in here. I am good at reading people... and here you are reading a fitzgerald novel thinking you are so far beyond me. So yeah, I think judgmental bitch suits you."

"Wait how did you know that's my name?" I nervously folded the edge of my page.

"Your diploma on the wall, Antigone Rose Foster..." He pointed at it and I blushed, pulling it from the wall and placing it in the small crevice between my bed and the wall.

"You are unbelivable."

"Am I now?"

Was he purposfully trying to piss me off?

"You can leave anytime now..." I refused to fight with this idiot, but he just sat there blowing smoke from his lips, as if he didnt hear anything I had just said.

"So you're just going to sit there... even though I clearly dont want you here?"

"Pretty much."

"What is your problem!" I yelled letting my frustrations get the best of me

"I have no problem. I'm just laying here, and I'm actually trying to ignore you but you're making that a little hard for me." He chuckled knowing he was getting to me.

"Why are you being such a dick?" 

"How about you just read your book and stop talking."

"Well I can't now..."

"And why not?" He said taking a drag.

"Because you're here."

"Well maybe you should leave then?" He rolled his eyes and smirked at me.

"You can't be serious..." Was it even possible for someone to be this arrogant?

"I'm actually very serious."

I sighed in defeat and began continueing my book, trying my hardest to ignore him. And after about four chapters Viv walked back in. She was all smiles until she laid her eyes on Luke...

"Luke are you fucking kidding!" She said through her teeth dropping her bags, running and ripping the cigarette from in between in his lips and putting it out in the glass of water next to her bed.

"What the hell Viv?" He quickly stood up and towered over her petite stature.

"Why do you do this to yourself, you know it pissed me off..."

"You are such a hypocrite Viv. You used to smoke more than I do now..."

"Yeah, but I stopped." She protested, glaring a hole through him.

"You still smoke weed like a chimney though..." He chuckled, walking away leaving viv bitting back tears. 

"Don't walk away from me!" She screeched trying to catch up to his long strides in her high heels.

"Sorry i'd rather not spend my time with you two." He said sarcastically, slamming the door behind him.

"Dammit, I'm sorry about that..." She said wiping tears from under her eyes.

"Luke just likes to push all my buttons until I break."

"It may be none of my business, but do you really think being with a boy like that is good for you?" Suddenly she began laughing to the point where she was nearly rolling on the floor.

"Luke and me?..." She continued laughing and whipping hysterical tears from her eyes.

"He's my baby brother you sick fuck!" She began collecting herself and sat next to me on the bed.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I just though that..." I didnt know what to say. I just tried to hide my face that was a bright pink from embarrassment.

"He's my step brother, my dad and his mum got married when we were little. We've been through hell with each other. It's always been him and me against the world..." She never looked me in the eyes during that statement. Instead her thoughts were focused on something else entireley. I just sat there quietly, observing until the door opened...

"When are we leaving to go to Kat's?" Luke asked, avoiding her eye contact.

"Probably in an hour, Ann you can come with too if you want so you don't have to sit in here alone." I didn't really feel like going out and doing stuff.

"No fucking way." Luke laughed at the idea like it was a joke.

"You know what I'd love to come with..." I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of me spending my first day in collage alone.

"Great! Oh my gosh this is going to be so fun!" Viv squealed hugging me as I laughed...

"Is it alright if I shower before we gonna go?" I asked, hoping that I wouldn't have to go to my first ever party with greasy hair.

"Yeah sure, we don't have to even leave for an hour or so." I grabbed my shower bag and walked out of the room.

The only downside to this collage was the fact that we had to share showers with boys and girls. I was uncomforable enough with my body, and now I had to share a bathroom with people? I was so not prepared for being a collage student.

I walked down the hallway until I found the sign that indicated the bathrooms. When I opened the door the smell of wet dog filled my nose. You could see some of the grout on the wall molding between the tiles. I looked around and it seemed like I was alone... thank god. I quickly got into a shower and latched the curtain shut.

The water smelt like iron and burnt my skin, but it was somewhat bearable. I ran the shampoo through my hair and rinsed everything before turning the water off, and wrapping my little white towel around my body. When I pulled the curtain open two boys were standing at the sink with towels tied around their waists. How did I not hear them come in? I tried to not look them in the eyes as I walked quickly to the door but I was stopped by a tan brunette.

"Why haven't I ever seen you here before?" He said flipping a wet strand of hair off my shoulder. I turned away and tried to move from him but he blocked the door.

"Woah woah woah... where do you think you're going baby..." He smirked about two inches from my face. Just thought of him this close to me made me nauseous and my stomach twist.

"I have to get back to my dorm now."

"No, I think you should stay a while."

"Excuse me please..." I said attempting once more to reach the door.

"Why do you want to leave so soon?" He chuckled, pulling at the corner of my towel.

"Stop." I said smacking his hand before he could get the chance to pull it from my body.

"Nathan come on, leave the girl alone." The other boy at the sink said. I quickly pushed passed him while he was distracted and ran out the door, I didn't stop running until I was in my dorm and the door was slammed and locked behind me. I collapsed on the floor out of breath. I felt all the color drained from my face. What the hell just happened?

"Ann?" I looked up to see Luke towering over me.

"You alright?" He took a step closer, and I got up off of the floor and pushed passed him. The last thing I wanted to deal with was Luke.

"Throw on something cute and lets go ..." Viv said while touching up her makeup on her bed.

"Yeah sure." I rummaged through my bags until I found a pair of jeans and my blouse that I normally wore to church. This would have to do. I went inside my closet and quickly threw the outfit on. When I walked out Viv just stared at me...

"Do you want to borrow something of mine?" She said trying, and failing miserably and giving me a friendly smile.

"No, this is fine..." 

"Makeup?" She suggested more than said.

"Its uncomfortable..."

"This is a fucking terrible idea." Luke said walking in from the entry with a pair of sunglasses on.

"Oh shut up..." She laughed dragging us both out of the dorm by our wrists.

And just like that. Only four hours after I got here, I was heading to a party with Lavender haired girl... and an atractive but annoying boy. My mother told me to not do anything stupid when she left, and I was pretty sure that I was doing the exact opposite.

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