He walked my way, "you must have good in you,you must have angels,everyone does" I explained. He pinned me to the wall in a sec. "My angels are sentenced to death by my demons,shawty" What did I get my self into...why did I have to knock on that door....god please help me.....


3. with a smile

Ruby's p.o.v~

I felt the sun light on my eyes, I opened my eyes with a frown, then I looked around,remembering that I'm in Canada now, I'm safe.

I took my iPhone off the charger, I scrolled through it, so far i closed all of my old account only leaving my Instagram to see the people I actually like.

Since there is no sound system in this room I played songs I like full volume on my phone and started to get dressed after I was done showering and drying my hair to its usual straight look.

I put my earpieces and let the music blast thro my ride in the elevator, they gave me the rental car I chose and I was off to picking a place for me!

I went to meet a lady called Lucy, she would be showing me the houses.

Soon enough I spotted a lady that has dark brown curly hair and a pale white skin with green eyes ,she was beautiful and young, my age maybe.

"Hi there ms.brenton, I'm Lucy lucre from 'happy housing' and I'll be showing you the houses" she said.

"Please call me ruby and okay let's start"

"I understood that you want a stylish house in a good neighborhood that has four bedrooms, a pool, garage Ana it should be totally furnished" she read what I told her on the phone few weeks ago.

I just nodded.

She showed me directions, showed me a house after the other with no luck, some seemed too fancy, some seemed too small or big or trashy!

" well that's all I have that suits you" she sighed.

"Well thanks Lucy, but I can't live in a place that I can't find comfort in " I apologized.

"Hey, there is this one place left but no one accepts to take it since its in a very fancy neighborhood but the family that lived in it before mysteriously disappeared" she explained in a low voice even we were alone.

"I wanna see it "I said confidently and she nodded and started telling me directions.

When we arrived, the house was beautiful from the outside with a very beautiful wide from porch ,the grass was dead but that could be handled ,the back yard was the same but it had a big pool and a hot tub, the house interior wasn't too fancy , it was great looking but cozzy! I felt warm, I felt the family era.

"I'm taking this one" I announced.

She looked at me like I was crazy but told me she would get the paper work ready for me tomorrow so I can ,sign ,pay and move and I agreed .

I went back to the hotel with a smile, packed the few stuff I've taken out yesterday and threw my self on the bed with a smile

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