He walked my way, "you must have good in you,you must have angels,everyone does" I explained. He pinned me to the wall in a sec. "My angels are sentenced to death by my demons,shawty" What did I get my self into...why did I have to knock on that door....god please help me.....


1. mysterious rules

Hey,everyone,i just wanted to say,i hope you enjoy this story.....BUT,also there is some stuff you need to know.

rule number #1 : don't think about copying,writing anystory that has similar events to this one,cause i am usually nice but in that case,being nice is not an option,so i won't hisitate to report you with this and each one of my friends accounts.

rule number #2: i don't mind if you dislike something and tell me what you don't like,actually i would love that,because i love HONEST people,but don't be rude.

rule number #3: i do NOT report comments that has any kind of words,if you curse,it's okay,if your comment is reported then know and be sure that I DID NOT REPORT YO COMMENT.

rule number #4: after every chapter,i write a goal,if i didn't reach my goal,i don't usually update,because people might ask why i didn't update,BUT i don't ask for alot,my goal is based on the number of readers,so i don't go "hey everyone i'm so cool that i only have 50 reads and i want 50 votes,o yeah i'm a unicorn that blonde and blue locks" so no,i don'y live in a fantasy world where i'm the princess.

rule number #5 : if i said during the book that i hate someone or that someone is a bitch or whatever,that don't mean i hate them,it's not me,it's the character and i'm not seeking to offend ANYONE by this work.

rule number #6: don't lie,you probably think i'm the biggest bitch ever now........stop moving your head i get it....don't i can't see you,i'm just guessing.......anyway so yeah it's not about being a bitch.i'm just being me which is a sarcastic bitch,it's just i had an old account and when i wrote a story,and a girl stole it,well the idea and she updated faster so yeah,BUT on the bright side after three days i hacked her account and deleted it,anywhore....that's a story to tell on another day lol.

You are probably thinking about never messaging me if you need to ask about anything,but no,you should message me,i am actually not that bad,whatever favour you want i'm ready to do it.

i have an account on movellas under the same username if you wanna check it

if you liked my story and want to translate it or write it on any other website,JUST ASK.

i'll probably say yes if you write that i'm the one who wrote it plus i can make you mission easier and just send you the chapters in messages where you can copy and paste them ::) <3




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