American girl

Bailey a typical American girl. She lives in California and loves to party. What happens when a Irish charm comes there for his summer break. Will they fall in love and have a forever and always. Or will it just be a summer love.

(One direction is famous)


1. summer break

Baileys pov.

It's finally the last day of school and tonight's the biggest party of the year. There is 5 minutes left of class and then I have to meet my bestfriend ally to get ready for the party. *ring* finally schools out I run out to my locker grab my bag and go to my car which has no hood because it's fucking California the sunny state duhhhh.... But after five minutes ally comes out we hoop in the car and go to my house. Oh right sorry I should introduce myself. My name is Bailey Elizabeth Carter, I have dirty blonde hair with piercing blue eyes. I'm 5'4 I know short but I'm 18 and I live to party. The typical American girl everyone says but I also live by myself and know am out of highschool. And lastly I have a boyfriend who's name is max and he is H.O.T and is the most popular boy in school so your probably guessing I'm the most popular girl if you are your correct. But anyway finally I love to make sure people know I'm American so my closet is full of American flag shirt and shorts.

When we got to the house ally said" what should I wear" I said "just put on what I give you" she giggled and nodded. Ally started on her make up while I found our clothes. For me I picked out a crop top with the American flag on it and high waisted dark jean shorts with American flag vans. And for ally I picked a green crop top and some light washed jeans and Mint green converses. Ally finally finished her make up and I put my dress in so It's my turn to do my make up. I put concealer on first then I put liquid eyeliner and mascara finally I put on red lipstick and did a smokey eye. When we were both done we lastly had to do our hair since my hair is naturally straight I put a little curls in it which completed my outfit. And since ally's hair is wavy she left it down. We both looked amazing I can't wait for our summer parties because you know what they say Americans party the best at least that's what I hear. But with that we headed to the party.

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