American girl

Bailey a typical American girl. She lives in California and loves to party. What happens when a Irish charm comes there for his summer break. Will they fall in love and have a forever and always. Or will it just be a summer love.

(One direction is famous)


5. 4

Baileys pov.

The next day I woke up in a strange room. All I remember is well going upstairs with some Irish hot guy. I look next to me and see him he's acctually is pretty good I guess but I don't fall In love. I learned that when my mom started abusing me she used to treat me like her daughter but something changed and she toke her anger out on me. So I learned that if u love someone they will just hurt you in the end. I looked at I think his names niall again and he started stiring. He looked up at me and smiled, I said goodmorning and he said goodmorning princess I smiled at the nickname. After I heard the door open and he walked in........

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