Don't Worry.


2. Wow.

Melissa's POV

Its 3am, Its time. I woke James up. I checked outside the room. Uh oh. They are in the living room. I locked the room door and ask James to climb out the room window. I put the luggage outside the window. And I climbed to. I check if i had my phone. I did. I hailed a cab and off we went.

Its 3:42 when we reached Jenny's Place and wow. Her house was huge! I saw the key under the leaf of her plant. I went in and I was like: Woahh. I shouted in a whisperly way "Jenny??" She ran down and turn on the lights "Mel!" Hugging me tight then hugging James. " I took out a spare bed i had. I hope you dont mind a single bed and a matress." Said Jenny. I nodded my head. I told James to sleep on the bed. Me and Jen Talked in her huge livin room.

"...and she almost hit James with a fucking beer bottle! Like what th fuck?!"

"Gosh. It disgusts me. So you wanna go out tomorrow? Maybe get James a few more clothes and u can share clothes with me" she said with a huge smile. I agreed. Mel and I went back our rooms. I took out my phone to see if my parents had found out yet. Guess not. Phew. I bet they dont even care. Oh yeah. I left the room locked. Off to bed then.

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