Don't Worry.


1. My Life=Disaster

Melissa's POV

"I'm home..James?" James is my little brother. Every night i come home from work I will call out his name. The reason? My parents alchoholics and abusive, James means the world to me. I know who to blame if doesn't run up to me when i come home. "Melly!!" He was panting, I was worried. "Yeah go to no good fucking sister ya brat!" My mum shouted across the room. "She almost hit me with her beer bottle,Mel." James whispered. I carried James to my bedroom. (He shares a room with me) I got out a huge luggage bag and locked the door and sat down on the floor. "Go get your clothes,shoes and put em in here, then put your toys in your backpack. we're leaving for good." I said while panting. Me and James decided to go out at 3am since that's always the time the went to the bar. I told James to get some sleep before we leave. I packed my laptop and almost all my clothes and shoes. I took another luggage. Mostly for James, I put the clothes that could not fit in the other luggage anymore, his bear and his laptop and some cartoon DVDs. I called Jenny, My best friend. She lives in a mansion.


"Hey Jenny,Um I really need a place to crash."

"Oh sure I've got like 3 rooms left. You and James are coming?"

"Yeah, My parents are just...ugh"

"I understand. What time will you be coming?"

"We'll might reach about 3:45?"

"In the morning?"


"Ok, I'll leave the keys of the front door under my plant outside."

"Ok sure.See ya"


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