Modest Management has Louis Tomlinson wrapped around their little finger. What happens when Louis has to act more in love with Eleanor as ever at a party with the other boys? Harry gets pissed. Will Harry's anger take over so much that he will end up hurting Louis emotionally and physically?


2. Enough is Enough

Hours passed and the drinks kept on coming. Harry constantly kept his eye on his boy friend and the more he did; the more he got pissed of. The drunker Louis got, the closer he got to Eleanor. Everyone was drunk out of their minds, including Harry. He wasn't drinking for the fun of it though. He was drinking to calm himself down, but it wasn't working.

Harry sat with Niall, trying to hide his anger. Louis had gone to the bar with Eleanor, holding hands, Harry noticed. Niall kept giving Harry pints of beer. He obviously knew what was bothering him.
"Chill out, man." Niall nudges Harry's shoulder and throws him a smile. "Just relax and have fun, forget them two for a bit." Harry smiled and took a massive chug of beer. He was already very drunk, but not drunk enough or his liking.

Loud music blasting around the club, Calvin Harris to be exact. People danced, sung and fell over in every corner of the club. Zayn and Perrie were making out on a side couch in a private corner of the room whilst Liam and Danielle took pictures together. He knew he should've have, but he looked around for Louis.

He found him on the dance floor and not to Harry's surprise, he was with Eleanor. But what did take Harry by surprise if the way he was dancing with her. Harry watched as Louis grabbed Eleanor's arse and squeezed as they swayed. Eleanor grinded herself on Louis' grotch and it looked to Harry as if Louis was actually enjoying it by the way he was biting is lip and staring down at his fake girlfriend.

Harry's breathes got sharper as he watched his boyfriend act dirty with a girl he's hated spending time with since they were first made to be together. Louis continued groping Eleanor and even he started with the grinding. Harry couldn't take it anymore.

"Dude, leave it." Niall muttered as Harry stood up. Harry shook his head and half walked, half stumbled to the door. He passed Louis and Eleanor and shoved past them both. They both spun around. Eleanor glared at Harry, but Louis frowned, looking confused. Harry huffed and slammed through the doors. He'd completely had enough.

He somehow made it back to his and Louis' hotel room. He managed to unlock the door and throw himself down on the double bed. He felt like crying. He couldn't do it anymore. How was he supposed to act like everything was fine? He couldn't just go around pretending that Louis meant nothing to him, but why was it so easy for Louis to do that? How could he just go around loving her when Harry was just sat around... waiting for him? Harry knew it was ridiculous, but he loved Louis and if this was what he had to do, he was fine with that. But what he was not fine with was Louis throwing himself on Eleanor like she was some sort of stripper. It made Harry's blood boil but he knew there was nothing he could do.

It was only 2am and everyone would have still been partying in the club across the road. Harry came to the conclusion that if he went back and completely ignored Louis, he would get annoyed and give Harry more attention than Eleanor.

Harry managed to get himself of the bed and grab his jacket but before he could reach the door handle, Louis came stumbling in.

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