Modest Management has Louis Tomlinson wrapped around their little finger. What happens when Louis has to act more in love with Eleanor as ever at a party with the other boys? Harry gets pissed. Will Harry's anger take over so much that he will end up hurting Louis emotionally and physically?


1. A Lover's Tiff

The key word being 'management'. Due to the fact that their management organised the party, the boys had to go by management rules; meaning that Louis had to act as if he were truly, madly, deeply in love with Eleanor Calder. It wasn't that bad... they were really close friends; but Harry had Louis' heart. But right now, at a management party, it had to be Eleanor who was under Louis' arm.

Harry looked over at his boyfriend who was cuddled into Eleanor's side, acting more loved up than ever. It made Harry so frustrated watching his man kiss and cuddle someone else. That someone being a girl. It wasn't Louis' fault that he had to act like that, but Harry could tell Louis was taking this whole 'fake girlfriend' thing too far. He actually looked like he was enjoying her company. Enjoying her kisses. Enjoying her love. Anger accelerated around Harry's body as he watched Louis' arms snake around Eleanor's waist as he kissed her neck. Although Harry knew Louis was drunk, and Louis may not be himself, it still made Harry undeniably annoyed.

"You alright, man?" Niall's voice broke Harry away from the disappointing sight. Harry smiled softly and nodded. Five pints were placed onto the bar in front of Harry and Niall and they both grabbed two each, Niall taking the extra one and they made their way to the boys.

Niall placed a pint in front of Zayn and Liam whilst Harry placed Louis' pint down a little too harshly, causing him and Eleanor to stop canoodling. A few drops of beer fell onto Louis' lap. "Dude!" Louis whined as he wiped at his jeans. Harry sat down opposite him, next to Liam and Sophia.
"That pint annoy you, eh Harry?" Eleanor giggled as she rested her head on Louis' shoulder, clearly trying to make Harry Jealous.
"Not as much as other people in this room." Harry snaps, not looking in Eleanor's direction. Louis sits in silence, watching his boyfriend and fake-girlfriend battle it out for his love.

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