G. R. E. E. N

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  • Published: 22 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 23 Jul 2014
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G. R. E. E. N was published years ago, and started as a book with every page a different shade of green. Nobody thought anything of it at first, but over the years traces of the colours became more apparent and real. After certain situations and incidents, a shade would mark the scene, and on the internet blocked pages would sport the colour. A team of G. R. E. E. N enthusiasts meet to try and decipher the meaning, each linking to their own lives, but find themselves in danger when G. R. E. E. N tries to leave a mark on them, not knowing that they are threatening to reveal an organisation intending to topple the world, all through the book...


9. Writers Take




I really enjoyed writing this! I got the idea from a program I saw on TV, that was about a conspiracy theory hidden in a graphic novel, so I'd say this is inspired by that, but totally different. For the name, I did randomly think of Green, and how it would be one of those titles that would give absolutely nothing away towards what the plot would be. It was totally mysterious, and I did think it was risky, as people might just see it and dismiss it, but people did read it and I thank them! In terms of the bullet points in front of the letters, I thought it may it look interesting. That was about it! It wasn't until the end of the second book that I thought of a meaning for it. The organisation was originally going to be called 'The Narrative,' but as there are no words, that wouldn't have worked!


   Most of the story I made up as I went along, but I knew I wanted the people to be unconnected, which would show how thorough G. R. E. E. N had been (it's further explained in the next book), and how much a big mystery like this can grip so many, causing them to blog about it. However, they are all different ends of the spectrum, socially and intellectually. The reason they swear is because I wanted to make it as real as possible, and in situations such as a man being shot dead in front of you, you do swear. And in terms of their names, Roach is meant to sound quite a tom boy, and so I think that worked, and Bernie and Dixon just seemed to fit. It took more thought for Lucy's name, but I really like Lucy Radler, I think it works. Other options were Jessica, Natty and Veronica.


   In terms of Elma and Lear, those anagrams were made from Emma Becket and Lucy Radler, as I didn't think of that until toward the end of the book. In terms of Dixon and Roach's encounter, I did that to show how different situations give you different emotions, and how in certain situations you crave other emotions, which were given to them. Also, I only decided Roach would be Lucy's sister toward the end of this one, so as I said, I just wrote really! The men with the bags I wanted to seem really ominous, and so I didn't give them names! Which got confusing for me, but I think they are creepier as they have no image at all.


  In terms of Denzel and Roach's death, I've already had one person shocked by Denzel's demise, and I knew I wanted a bit of a wake up call by the end. And Roach's death was it. For the one who was gutsy, and loud, she was silenced fairly quickly. It was just to prove that G. R. E. E. N were brutal, and it was very real what they would do. It signalled that Dixon and Bernie had to be totally on board with Lucy, and do whatever it takes.


  In terms of the second book, there is much more information out in the open about G. R. E. E. N, and it leads up to quite a big ending, signalling how big G. R. E. E. N have got. Also the group is starting to change, Lucy is ready to leave Dixon and Bernie behind, but Dixon feels guilt after the death of Roach. Bernie is just the same as ever, but more egotistical. At the end we see him vulnerable in a shocking new way, and in terms of Lucy, her greatest secret is revealed...

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