G. R. E. E. N

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  • Published: 22 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 23 Jul 2014
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G. R. E. E. N was published years ago, and started as a book with every page a different shade of green. Nobody thought anything of it at first, but over the years traces of the colours became more apparent and real. After certain situations and incidents, a shade would mark the scene, and on the internet blocked pages would sport the colour. A team of G. R. E. E. N enthusiasts meet to try and decipher the meaning, each linking to their own lives, but find themselves in danger when G. R. E. E. N tries to leave a mark on them, not knowing that they are threatening to reveal an organisation intending to topple the world, all through the book...


7. The Truth, Elma McEkbet and the Beginning of the End



   Roach stirred. She breathed heavily and her eyes flickered open and closed, open and closed. She slumped down, only to find that her wrists were clamped in tight chains. She felt something sticky on her face. She shook her head, but the stick did not move, until she felt cold icy water be poured all over her via a bucket. She screamed because of the shock, and when the water left her eyes, she saw the two men standing in front of her. She wanted to scream, but she had to try and appear in control.

   "What do you two bastards want?"

   "Where is Elma McEkbet?" Said the man who threw her down the stairs, as if he was a zombie.

   "Who the hell's name's Elma?"

   "Elma McEkbet. Where is Elma McEkbet?"

   "Elma what? You having a laugh?" The man asking stepped closer to Roach, waited for a second, then slapped her across the face. This made Roach see the small boxed, grimy room they were in. She saw a rusty chair with blood spots on it, and a pair of wire cutters on the floor. Part of the wall was brick, and beneath sprung grass and other dying plants. She started to panic but managed to try and hide it. She realised her heels were barely touching the metal floor, which was thick with mould and black spots. She brushed her heels onto it, to see if it would scratch off, but it was unmoving and rusting. Water dripped down the walls, and Roach noticed fungus growing from the ceiling. 

   "Elma came to find you. Why else would she come out of hiding. She saw you were meeting and decided to act. She has never done this before."

   "What? I don't know what or who you are talking about!" The man grabbed her by the throat. 

   "Yes you do. She came to find you, and only you. Why?"

   "I…" Roach then realised who they must be talking about. The only person they could be talking about was Lucy Radler. Was she Elma? But she said she had saved others who met via the forum, or was she lying? Why did Elma, or Lucy, only act when she met Bernie, Dixon and Toby?


   Back at the house, Dixon woke to find his head being bandaged, by Bernie… which was slightly worrying. Lucy stood above him, staring down at him, whilst standing in his blood. Dixon made a series of noises as he sat up, and Lucy leaned down, slapping his face.

   "Dixon? Where did they take Roach? Dixon!" Dixon was in a daze.

   "They… they took Roach?" Dixon looked up at Lucy as Bernie finished the bandage. Dixon looked to his right to see smudges of blood leading to the door. Lucy followed his gaze, confirming that it was definitely G. R. E. E. N that took Roach.

   "Why would they take Roach?" Bernie asked.

   "I have to tell you the truth," Lucy began to pace and talk to herself "There's no other way, they've taken Roach… they need to know why." After a few moments she stopped, turned to Dixon and dragged him into the kitchen, and Bernie began to wash the blood of Dixon's face as Lucy decided to reveal the truth.

   "My name isn't Lucy Radler. It's an anagram of my fathers name, Lear Cyrudl. The last name I used was Elma McEbket. It's an anagram of Emma Becket, my real name. Becket is my mothers maiden name." Bernie and Dixon looked at each other, worriedly.

   "What are you saying?" Bernie asked.

   "Rochelle Becket was my sister, and my father Lear published G. R. E. E. N to try and expose them to the world."


   Dixon and Bernie were filled with rage, as Lucy (or Emma) had just put Roach in danger. Lucy told them to be quiet, so she could explain, and both men knew that they needed to understand.

  "My father used to work for G. R. E. E. N, and knew the man who knew what all the shades meant. He published the book so he could expose them, as he believed the organisation had become corrupt. I'm trying to find the man who knew the codes of what the shades meant, so I can reveal what the shades mean, which will act as evidence I can give to the government. When my father died, Roach was very young, and she was sent away so she wasn't involved. G. R. E. E. N found me, and I've been on the run ever since. As I was his daughter, they thought I knew everything. I knew the only way I could stop them is finding the codes of what the shades mean, and using them to bring G. R. E. E. N down. Dad's doctor noticed it, and was murdered. Dad had a shade on him too, and I think that's number 74. Traitor."


  Roach didn't know she would certainly die. She didn't know Lucy (Emma) was her sister, or that her father published G. R. E. E. N, but the organisation did know. She couldn't give them what they needed, and so she was no use to them. What followed was the torturing of Roach Becket, and her constant denial that she knew someone called Lucy Radler, and her lack of facts about her past causing her untimely demise. When the two men left the room, her wounds had been reopened, and the blood again filled her hair, as she was most definitely dead. What none of them knew, was that Lucy and Roach's father had worked out which code went with each shade, he just didn't decode them. Lear also didn't publish G. R. E. E. N himself. He entrusted a copy of the shades to an MI5 group, who had published it. This small MI5 team were trying to find the algorithm used to decode the codes for each shade. As the sky bore a mix of pink and green MI5 decided they were going to publish them. There was another G. R. E. E. N book in print, at that very moment. The title was 'G. R. E. E. N  SQUARED.'

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