Meet you half way

This story is a heart touching love story that will leave you with tears in your eyes as you Finnish it.

Myra Kathy is a young girl in love what happens when the love story ends half way through.


3. New working partner

I wake up and grab my coat then jump out my window to go to the movies we are seeing 'the fault in our stars' it seems like a good movie so yeah. I arrived at the cinemas and met up with Ali,Cassidy and Brit we buy our tickets and go and watch the movie.
"That was so sad" Ali sniffed making me laugh at her 
"What do you not have a heart" she said to me 
" I do but I don't cry in front of people" I replied laughing
"Fine then heartless bitch" she said turning and walking away. 
"Well then I've got to go and get a job to pay for his beer" I said grabbing my stuff 
"Myra If he Hurts you again call me all right" Brit said putting a hand on my shoulder 
"Yeah yeah I've gotta go bye"
"Bye" they said and I left running down the street. I ran in to the liquor store and walked up to the guy I saw the other day 
"How may I help you" he said with a smile
"Umm is the manager around" I said twiddling my thumbs
"Umm yes I'll go and get her for you" he said nodding at me
"Thank you" I said shyly I don't really like talking to new people.
"Hello what can I help you with" a woman said,supposing that's the manager
"I would like a job" I said nervously

"Ok love just fill out this application saying your over 18 and we will be ready to go" she said handing paper and a pen

"Thanks" I said writing down my details and phone number
"Great you can start now zane will help you and work with you" she said pointing to the hot dude that just started working here when I brought the beer the other day. The manager left me and zane to work
"Ok Myra you press this button to open the cash register" he said placing my hand over it
"Ummm dude you can just point to them you know that right" I said in a low tone 
"Yes,but this ways more fun especially with a pretty hot babe to do it to" he said smirking I blushed and replied
"Please don't call me babe" 
"But you are a babe" he said twirling me around so that I was facing him then he leaned in and kissed me slowly I kissed back not wanting to pull away after the kiss ended he smirked at me and continued 
"Only babes can give such good hot kisses like that" he said his smirk growing bigger
"Are you one of those really hot flirts" I said regretting it
"Oh so you think I'm hot" he said in a amused voice
" kinda are I guess" I said nervously looking at my hands then he lifts up my chin with his index finger and kisses me and when he pulls back he says
"You got that right."

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