Meet you half way

This story is a heart touching love story that will leave you with tears in your eyes as you Finnish it.

Myra Kathy is a young girl in love what happens when the love story ends half way through.


1. My horrible life

 I walk into the liquor store and grab the beer that I needed,well he needed and go up to the counter. I stand there waiting for the boy about my age to order 
"I'm sorry sir your five dollars short" the laddie behind the counter said to him
"But I need this please is there anything you can do" he begged 
"Well you can get a job here and get free liquor" the laddie said 
"Ok thanks he said grabbing the beer and leaving 
"You start tomorrow the laddie called after him. I wonder why he needed it so badly I thought maybe he has the same problem as me? No that's stupid he probably doesn't have an  abusive  farther like me. I ran home after buying the beer and walked into my front door to find dad sitting there staring at the tv
"Dad I got your beer" I said in a shaky voice 
"Oh look sluts home at least she brung my beer! Now go and fetch me a large glass so I can enjoy the only good thing you've ever brung to me" he said shoeing me off I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass and went to poor him a glass when I slipped and fell smashing the glass oh no.
"What was that you worthless piece of shit" he said storming into the room
" I slipped and feel and the glass broke  sorry" I weeped helplessly
"Sorry doesn't cut it you bitch only a punishment can" he said grabbing the pot and filling it with water.
"Please no please" I begged even though it was worthless he had his mind set on hurting me, like usual 
"No" he said thrusting me off me feet and sticking me had in the boiling water. I cried out in pain tears running down my cheeks while my stupid father just laughed at me and gave me back my hand
"Bed now and if I see your ugly  face again I will cut your sore hands do I make myself clear" he said looking directly at me
"Yes dad" I said walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Once I got to my room I let out all the sobs I've been holding back all day and eventually cry myself to sleep like every night. 

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