Meet you half way

This story is a heart touching love story that will leave you with tears in your eyes as you Finnish it.

Myra Kathy is a young girl in love what happens when the love story ends half way through.


5. Date

I jump out of bed and go outside to wait for Ali and Cassidy when they pull up I jump in the back and we drive off to the mall. We walked out all of us with around twenty bags hanging off our arms. I walk into my room and dump the bags on my bed and floor then I try to sort out a outfit finally I decide on a loose white crop top with a black hash tag on it and leather High waisted shorts with black converse and lace socks perfect. I wait outside for zane to come and pick me up,when he arrives he gets out of the car and opens my door for me what a gentleman I thought sitting in my seat and putting on my seat belt and when he sits down he looks at me up and down
"You look beautiful" he said licking his lips
"Thanks you look hot" I replied. We got out of the car and ordered our food,drinks and tickets then we went to watch the movie. Half way through the movie he tried the cheesy yuan trick and put his arm around me pulling me into his chest I could feel it vibrate every time he laughed it was perfect. After the movie we walked out of the cinemas and went to Nando's 
########zanes pov##########
Myra walked up to order and I found a table for us to sit at.
"So tell me  your mum and dads names and what your family is like
"Well my mums name is Sammy and my dads name Is Paul and my family is just me and dad because my mum died giving berth to poppy my little sister but then she died of cancer two years ago" I said my voice starting to crack 
"Omg I'm so so sorry for bringing it up" she said hugging me 
"No it's alright babe it's not your fault" I said smoothing down her hair
"Ok your turn" she said nervously looking at her hands knowing what I'm going to ask 
"Why were you limping the other day" I said lifting up her chin with my index finger 
"Umm family issues" she said nervously biting her lip
"What kind of family issues" I said sternly 
"Ummm my dads a drunk" she said tears welling up in her eyes 
"Babe what has he done to you" I said taking her hand in mine
"Lots" she said tears rolling down her cheeks
"Myra has he rapped you" I whispered
"Yes" she said her voice cracking I pulled her into my chest and wrapped my arms around her small fragile body kissing her forehead 
"No harm will ever come to you as long as I'm here" I whispered soothingly into her ear.

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