Meet you half way

This story is a heart touching love story that will leave you with tears in your eyes as you Finnish it.

Myra Kathy is a young girl in love what happens when the love story ends half way through.


10. Busted


I woke up with Zane beside me. I smile to myself. I've got myself a good man. I put my head back on the pillow and Zane's arm found its way around my waist. I looked at him and his amazing eyes were open.

" Morning" I said. He lent down to me and kissed me.

" Morning" He said. I soon realised we were still naked.

" We're still naked" I said looking away embarrassed.

" Babe. I love your body. Nothing to be embarrassed about" He said getting over me with a smirk on his face.

" Are you going to do this or am I going to have to finger myself?" I asked. He smirked pushed himself into me.

" NO STOP!" I yelled. He pulled out and looked at me.

" What?" He asked.

" Put on some protection" I said. he groaned and got his pants. He reached into the pocket and pulled out a little packet. He opened it and slipped it on.

" Good. Now hurry up" I said. He smirked and pushed himself in me. I moaned in pleasure. He went slowly.

" Faster. Go like I need to be punished" I moaned. He went faster and faster making it hurt even more. He pulled out of me on got off the bed.

" What?" I asked.

" We need to do it a different way" He said. I stood up and walked over to him. He pushed me up against the wall.

" Jump" He said. I did as he told me to and I jumped wrapping my legs around him. He pushed me up against the wall and entered me. I moaned.

" Oh baby" I moaned. He smirked and made his thrusts harder. I screamed.

" Your a bad girl. A bad bad girl" He whispered grunting. He pushed me harder and harder until I reached my high. Even though I had gone to my high he keep on thrusting. He pulled himself out and put me down.

" Well that was new" I said. He laughed.

" Come on, lets have a shower and then we can go around town" He said.

" Is it your day off too?" I asked. He nodded. I skipped to the shower and we both got in. We washed each other and both got out. I dried myself off and pulled on a top and some jeans. Zane came out in the same clothes as yesterday. I giggled and we left the house.

" So where to first?" He asked.

" Shopping" I said. He groaned.

" Never ask a girl where to first if you don't want to go shopping" I said. That is a freaking life lesson for everyone in the world.

" Fine" He sighed. We went to every shop I could think of and by the time we were done. Its was lunch time.

" To Nandos!" I yelled. We walked to Nandos and Zane ordered for us. He knew what I wanted and soon our meals were here.

" Thank you" I said to the girl. She smiled at us and we started eating. When we were finished he paid and we walked out.

" So where to now?" I asked him. He shrugged.

" To the park?" He asked. I nodded and we walked to the hand in hand to the park. When we got there I saw Cassidy and Ali. But they were with boys. Well Ali was. She talking with one and Cassidy was her phone while a boy tried to talk to her.

" Can we go and see them?" I asked.

" Anything for you babe" He said. We walked over to them.

" Hey Cassie" I said. She looked up from her phone and a smile was plastered on her face.

" Sahara!" She yelled flinging her arms around me.

" Save me" She whispered. I laughed and we pulled away.

" Why?" I asked. She looked behind her at the guy and smiled waving a little.

" Ali freaking dragged me here because her date had to bring his friend and I have to 'entertain' him" She said. I looked at him.

" But he's cute" I said.

" Hey! Your boyfriend is right here" Zane said. I giggled.

" Sorry babe but he is cute. But you over rank him" I said kissing his cheek.

" Gag" She said.

" Yeah he's cute but he's and asshole! I mean I like his body and looks but I also want him to have a freaking heart! This little girl, she was like 7, fell over and he just laughed" She whispered so he wouldn't hear. I looked around for another guy that she would like.

" What about him?" I asked pointing to a guy that's doing the sae thing she was. She looked at him.

" He's cute!" She whisper yelled. I smiled and pushed her towards him.

" Go talk to him you egg" I said. She walked over to him and in seconds she was sitting beside him laughing.

" That's my job done. Lets go back to my place" I said. We walked back to my place joking around.

" I still have my Barney toy" He said joking making me laugh even harder. We walked inside and I froze. My dads home. He looks pissed.

" Where the fuck have you been?" He asked.

" Umm I umm" I stuttered.

" I think I said you were grounded" He growled. I swallow. I'm busted.


So what did you think? Sorry it took a while to put this chapter up! I only did the whole thing this morning while watching FIFA. Yes. I watch FIFA. I am a FIFA nerd. Anyway sorry if its short and not very good :( but comment what you think :) Make my day!!

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