Living with my bully

Ari , her mother , and Miley ( ari's little sister) has been abused her father .
Her mother sent her little sister to stay at her friends house for a while . Meanwhile ari will be stating with the Horans . Which means ari will be staying at her bully's place for a while . Niall horan and ari don't get along . Niall is ari's bully .BUT !!Will bad still happen ? Or will good happen ?


1. intro

Hello . I'm ariana medler . I'm 17 . I have blonde hair and green eyes .

My talents are singing , playing the guitar and drums .

My life is a living nightmare . My father abuses my little sister,mother , and I. . And I get bullied .

My father abuses us for 2 years . It was all becuase my mother wanted to get a divorce because she was cheating on my dad . Then since my dad killed my moms boyfriend and started to abuse us .

I get bullied by Niall horan . We hate each other . We dated a year ago but he just used and cheated on me . And then he just bullied me.

I cut .

I hate my life .

I just want a happy ending .

But I'll never get it .

I just want my prinCe charming to save me from this cruel life I have .

But... that'll never happen .

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