Living with my bully

Ari , her mother , and Miley ( ari's little sister) has been abused her father .
Her mother sent her little sister to stay at her friends house for a while . Meanwhile ari will be stating with the Horans . Which means ari will be staying at her bully's place for a while . Niall horan and ari don't get along . Niall is ari's bully .BUT !!Will bad still happen ? Or will good happen ?


24. chapter twenty two

" why you wear lots of bracelets princess ?"

" cuz I like them "

Me and Emily went to the popular table

I sat next to Niall and Emily sat next to me .

" guys this is ariana . My girlfriend . And that Emily . Her friend . Girls this is liam Harry zayn and louis . "

"Well are you girls really pretty ." Said louis

Me and Emily blushed

" back off louis they're taken " Niall said hugging me

Then Abby and Taylor came

" uhh babe what are these sluts doing here ? And why are you hugging that fat ass ."

" because I invited them to sit at our table . And they are not sluts or fat asses . Also I'm not you're babe "

" come on o know you are playing around "

" just shut you piece of shit ! Don't you get it that we are over ! Now run along you slut ."

" right then Niall horan ! I never want to talk to you again "

" fine by me "

She left off crying .

" finally , she took a hint " I mumbled and Emily and the boys laughed

" ari do you want to go to a party ?"

" sure when ?"

"Tonight "

" okay then I better get ready "

I wore my black strapless dress . I wore my heels , curled my hair , and did my make up

I got a message

To ari ,

Coming to that party ?

To emy

Yeah . R u ?

To ari ,


To emy ,

Okay see you at the party ;)

We went to the party and Niall ordered our drinks . I then saw emy with justin . Ooohhhhh .

" Hey emy !"

" hi ari . Ariana this is my boyfriend , Justin , justin this is my best friend ,Ariana ."

" nice meeting you justin ."

" it's nice meeting you too ."

Niall came with our drinks .

" here you go princess . Hey justin . Hey Emily "

" hi "

Me and Emily kept on talking . And we then went to our boyfriends and started to dance .

After a while then I lost Niall and I found him...

Abby was kissing Niall and he was kissing her back .

A tear drop fell down my face .

" hey ari ." Said Harry and the boys .

" what's wrong love ?" Asked liam .

They turned to see what I was looking and they saw Niall with Abby .

" come on love let's get you home ." Said Louis hugging me whiled I cried at his chest .

Emily saw me and the boys

" ari what's wrong ?"

" she just feels sick " said zayn

" oh "

* 1 AM *

I was sleeping when I heard some noise from downstairs

That drunk ass must be home already .

He came to my room and cuddled at me .

" but I pushed him away .

" babe why are you pushing me away ?"

I didn't answer .

" Ariana answer me " he growled

" why would you do this to me. ?"

". What did I do ?"

" you dont remember you drunk ass ?"

" no "

" well I went to look for you . You and Abby were kissing each other !"

" Ariana . I'm-I'm sorry . I guess I was too drunk . But she kissed me !"

" and you kissed her back !"

" it was because I was drunk okay !"

" well why did you drank too much then ?!"

" because i wanted to !"

"Please trust me babe "

" how can I trust you . You broke my heart twice ."

I didn't looked at Niall

Niall lift my chin up .

" I know I messed up big time but please I need another chance "

I stared at his eyes

" okay horan . But please don't mess it up "

Niall's face light up like if it was Christmas and he got what he wanted

Niall kissed me and I kissed him. Back

He was on top of me .

He took my pjs off and I took his clothes off .

He started to kiss my neck and I let out a moan . I felt him smirk .

He went down kissing my stomach when he stopped and spotted something .

" what's wrong Niall ?" I asks as he stared at my arm

He grabbed my arm

Shit He Saw The Cuts !!!

" princess what is ... All this ?"

" nothing "

" that's why you always bracelets .you been cutting . Why ?"

" because I hate the way I look .abby is more better that me more beautiful than me . She's perfect and I'm not !"

" princess nobody is perfect . You are beautiful and amazing " Niall kissed my nose

" please stop cutting . I don't like seeing you hurt yourself . Promise ?"

" promise ."

Niall kissed me gently on the lips .

" let go to sleep babe " Niall Said cuddling right next me

When his arm was around my waist I instantly fell asleep

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