Living with my bully

Ari , her mother , and Miley ( ari's little sister) has been abused her father .
Her mother sent her little sister to stay at her friends house for a while . Meanwhile ari will be stating with the Horans . Which means ari will be staying at her bully's place for a while . Niall horan and ari don't get along . Niall is ari's bully .BUT !!Will bad still happen ? Or will good happen ?


26. chapter twenty four

What the hell was 5sos doing here ?

" hello Ariana . I bet you know us . A little birdie told me that you have a crush on me " said Michael

" oh my god . Niall how did you got 5sos "

" I know them "

" and you never told me ?"

" I wanted to surprise you and I did "

" oh my god that you Niall !" I hugged him .

Niall kissed my forehead

After hours of hanging out with 5sos and talking to Michael , me and the boys exchange phone numbers because now we are friends .

I wanted to see my mom because I miss her badly

I grabbed my phone

" bye Niall !"

" where you going babe ?"

" to see my mom "

" okay ari be safe !"

" will do !"

I started to walk to my aunty's place . Her house was only a 2 blocks away from niall's place .

When I finally made it , I walked inside

I saw the room was empty

I heard a couple of whimpers from a room

He couldn't have ...

He couldn't be ...

How ...

I went racing to the room where the notices were and saw my mom and Miley tied up . They were crying and had bruises .and them I felt something hit my head that I fell and saw black

A/N sorry I haven't updated for a long time I was updating other stories , I had school , then I was in Santa Cruz today which gave me some time to update .

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