Living with my bully

Ari , her mother , and Miley ( ari's little sister) has been abused her father .
Her mother sent her little sister to stay at her friends house for a while . Meanwhile ari will be stating with the Horans . Which means ari will be staying at her bully's place for a while . Niall horan and ari don't get along . Niall is ari's bully .BUT !!Will bad still happen ? Or will good happen ?


6. chapter five

I went downstairs and saw a blonde girl with green eyes .

" hi ! I'm Carly , niall's sister,What's your name ?"

" hey I'm Ariana .but you can call me ari ."

" c'mon kids time to eat !" Said mrs.horan

We walked to the table

" so ari ! There's a party tomorrow night ! Would you like to come ?"

Before I could answer Niall spoke

" you guys are not going to the party ."

"Why not !" Scoffed Carly

" because I don't want you guys to embarrass me ."

I turned to Carly and she had a huge grin in her face

" let's go !!" We both said .

Niall groaned and he went upstairs

We started to giggle

" got anything to wear for tomorrow ?" Carly asked

" uhh not really ."

"Don't worry I have nothing to wear for tomorrow too . So we'll go shopping tomorrow !"

We both squealed !

I slipped into my PINK tank top and some sweats .

I started to scroll to Twitter till I got a message .

Mum- hey sweetie how are you ? How's it going ?

Me- it's going great mum . I'm just missing you ;(

Mum- don't worry . I'll get us out of this mess somehow . Now you have to go to sleep . Goodnight sweetie ;) ;* I luv u !

Me- I luv u 2 mum ;)

* ari's nightmare *

" DAD DONT SHOOT !" I screamed .

He had the gun in Miley's head .

He then shot her in the head

"NOOO!!" I cried

". Woops" he simply said


He pushed me down the stairs and I fell .

Glady and surprisingly I survived . I did got hurt .

Dad punched me in the face and kicked me in the stomach . I started to scream

" Ariana ! " said a voice

" ari wake up !" Said the voice again

I felt someone shaking me

*ari's nightmare over*

I opened my eyes and let out a little scream .

" woo woo calm down ari ! "

I turned and saw Niall . Shirtless

" are you okay ? What happened ?"

" nothing just a nightmare ."

" you sure your okay . Because I heard you from my room "

" I said I was fine Niall and why do you care !"

" was just curious " he mumbled scratchin the back of his neck

.to be honest Niall was hot with out his shirt .

" sorry if I woke you up because my stupid nightmare "

" no you didn't woke me up . I was already awoken when I heard you screaming " you monster "And then more screaming . What were you dreaming of ?"

" I don't want to talk about it ."

He shrugged

" okay then"

Niall got up and left

Why did he cared ?

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