Living with my bully

Ari , her mother , and Miley ( ari's little sister) has been abused her father .
Her mother sent her little sister to stay at her friends house for a while . Meanwhile ari will be stating with the Horans . Which means ari will be staying at her bully's place for a while . Niall horan and ari don't get along . Niall is ari's bully .BUT !!Will bad still happen ? Or will good happen ?


12. chapter eleven

He came up to me ... Then kissed me ...


I kissed him back and it felt so right . His hand was wandering to my waist .

" I'm sorry . For everything that I did to you ." He said

" just kiss me " I whispered

Niall smirked

" with pleasure "

He was about to kiss me again when there was a knock on the door

" can you get that ? Please ?"

" sure thing princess "

" oh hey Niall " I heard Carly's voice

" hey ari ! Great news ! You leave tomorrow morning !"

" yeah !!" I said " can't wait to get out of this crap !"

" oh Niall mum is calling us ."

" okay " Niall said " see you later ari "

" bye guys ."


I heard a knock in the door .

" come in !"

The door opened . The figure came in and locked the door .

He turned and took his hoodie off

It was ......

I will update soooooooon

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