Living with my bully

Ari , her mother , and Miley ( ari's little sister) has been abused her father .
Her mother sent her little sister to stay at her friends house for a while . Meanwhile ari will be stating with the Horans . Which means ari will be staying at her bully's place for a while . Niall horan and ari don't get along . Niall is ari's bully .BUT !!Will bad still happen ? Or will good happen ?


20. chapter eighteen

Niall's POV

" see you later liam " I said

I walk inside the house . It was 12:00 am . I was about to walk upstairs to see ariana . When I found blood in the floor. .

" Ariana ! " I called

I went to the stairs when I found a body .

It was ariana !

" Ariana !"

" wake up ."

I got the phone and dialed 911 .

Ariana's POV

I woke up in the hospital bed .my left arm hurts . I saw and I had a cast .

I saw a mirror and looked at myself .

I had bruises .

I remembered that my father pushed me down the stairs .

I heard someone come in .

It was Niall with flowers

Niall's eyes widen .

" babe you're okay !" He said and hugged me .

" was I in comma ?"

" yeah ."

" how long ?"

" a week ."

He said and kissed me . I kissed him back ..

His hands were at my waist .

" how's your arm ?"

" little hurts "

" you can leave from the hospital today ."

" yeah "

We arrived at the house .

" do you remembered what happened ?" Niall asked

" my dad" I mumbled

" this is all my fault . I left you alone in the house "

" it's not your fault ."

" Ariana . I promise .ill be at your side " he kissed my temple


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