Torn From Life

Torn From Life is a short story I wrote in my English class. This story takes you on a tear-jerking adventure full of twists and turns. Note to self, a box of tissues might come in handy when reading.


2. Why Me?

I was about to walk through the door when the doctor came in and sat me down. She was telling me that there had been some complications and Clara hadn’t made it. I don’t understand. She’d been fine a few days ago. All so suddenly the most perfect part of my life was being torn away from me. Tears were streaming down my face and I collapsed into the chair. My cries got louder and the nurses tried to calm me. I couldn’t believe it. My life was lying in pieces. She couldn’t be gone. She made me stronger and helped me through all my struggles, and now she was gone, torn from life when she still had so much ahead of her. My tears eased and the nurse escorted me in to see her. There was my baby girl, lying there so peacefully, lifeless.

Her auburn hair is lying softly on the top of her head, her beautiful blue eyes staring blankly at nothing. It was so heartbreaking yet so beautiful. The life she had ahead of her is no more. Tears started to build up in my eyes. Her tiny hands are rested on her tiny body. Her small fingers will never wrap around my thumb, hold my hand or touch my face. A tear glides down my face and I take a step closer to her. I will never see her walk or talk or go to school. She won’t have any birthday parties, shopping sprees or movie nights. More tears are sliding down my face now. I tell myself to hold it in, to keep strong. I walk over to her and touch her tiny face. Her eyes are looking at me, emotionless and glassy. A tear falls off my face and lands under her eye. She will never cry, never have to feel pain, because now she is dead. I break down crying and fall to the floor. She’s gone and I can’t do anything about it. Sandy tries to help me up, but I push her away. I don’t want to be near anyone. How could this happen? She was fine when I saw her this morning and now she’s lying on her small bed in a sleep that she will never wake up from. I am angry inside. I’m hurting, in pain, raging. How could she be taken away from me so fast? I stand up, enraged. I run towards the nurse and pin her up against the wall. I’m yelling and screaming at her and then I fall to the ground, sadness overwhelming me. She calms me down and tells me that they did all they could, but it wasn’t enough. Sandy took me home and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Why did this have to happen? Why me?

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