Torn From Life

Torn From Life is a short story I wrote in my English class. This story takes you on a tear-jerking adventure full of twists and turns. Note to self, a box of tissues might come in handy when reading.


4. My Guardian Angel

I wake up confused and hearing beeping noises. I’m in a hospital room and Sandy and Phil are standing beside my bed looking at me with teary eyes. They sighed with relief and hugged me tightly. They told me that if a paramedic nearby hadn’t seen me floating in the river then I wouldn’t be alive right now. They don’t realise that I had tried to kill myself; they think that I fell. Seeing all of these people worrying about me made me realise that people actually do love me and that I will be alright without Clara.

A few days have passed since my incident and I’m now being discharged from the hospital. I need to go and see a shrink every fortnight just to make sure that my life is on track and that I won’t try to commit suicide again. Losing Clara has affected my life in so many ways. She has made me realise that your life can be perfect one minute then in pieces the next. She has made me more confident in my life and has made me stronger. Clara has shaped my life and made me who I am today. Even though she is gone she is still a part of me. She will never leave my mind and every achievement I make in life I will wish she was there with me to celebrate. Maybe one day I might have kids again, maybe I won’t, but whatever happens there will always be a place for Clara in my heart and I know that she is up in heaven waiting for me. She will always be my baby girl, my guardian angel. 

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