Two Different Directions

(Sequel to If That One Moment Didn't Exist) His death brought me tears for months, but he was always there. Our past was quite difficult, but the present is what im looking at these days. I still imagine his love, his face, his smile, and everything about him. I need to move on with my life though, just like he would want me too. I need a new lover, a new future path, and I think I want it with him.


1. Information

This is going to be the second book to If That One Moment Didn't Exist! In book one there are two parts, about twenty chapters each! So, depending on how this goes it will probably be similar! As in part three and four in one book! I have been debating on whether or not to continue this story line, or keep it where it is.. I hope you've already realized that this is my decision! This won't be out for a while, but I promise it will be better then the first one! Except if you haven't read the first one then this one will not make any sense...

When will I update it?

I will probably just update chapters every other week on Mondays, although this story WILL be done by the time you actually get the first chapter.


Whenever you leave a comment please try to be reasonable! I take writing very seriously and one day I hope to become a famous writer! Another thing is, I know I'm not the best and I'm not Nicholas Sparks! So don't expect for everything to be perfect! Also, if you would like for me to read and leave feedback on one of your stories I'd be glad to! I just ask that you do the same, and it doesn't have to be on this story. Thank you(:

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